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Natalia Téllez can’t stand the attacks and defends Mon Laferte: “Being a feminist doesn’t stop you from being a mother” | VIDEO

There is a group in Feminism that has dedicated itself to attacking stars like mon laferte for deciding to be a mother and start a family with her partner.

This for an unlikely reason: she openly declared herself a feminist, something unheard of, because according to radical feminism, that is not possible, it is not allowed to be a mother, according to them.

Faced with this absurd assertion, the Mexican driver Natalia Tellez He came out in defense of the recently nationalized Mexican, stating that the fact of being a feminist had nothing to do with deciding to be a mother.

It was so exclusively for “De Primera Mano”, The host of “Netas Divinas” assured that she was also attacked when her pregnancy became known.

Despite the fact that she had always been and still is frightened by everything that motherhood implies, this does not mean that she discards it for her, but think about feminism is precisely the freedom to decide if you decide what to do with your body and this implies if you decide to be a mother or not.

“I think there is a big mistake because the same thing happened when I got pregnant, their idea is that feminists don’t start families and don’t have babies and that’s a big mistake. What we need are more feminist families and more women who make decisions, if you want to get married, that is your freedom, but freedom lies in the fact that if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to.”


In this sense, Natalia reinforced the idea of ​​decision and the idea of ​​freedom defended by feminismpillars that support this ideology and that have allowed many women to make their way in a world that, despite continuing to be dominated by men, is getting one step closer on the path towards gender equality.

“The idea of ​​traditional structures is not only adaptable, it is one more option in a story of women free to decide”


Téllez pointed out in his statement, ensuring that Mon Laferte is in complete freedom and the right to decide whether or not to be a mother without this being inconsistent with her feminism.

Finally, the presenter implied that it is time to get out of our minds of the idea that feminism is only in favor of abortion, because at the end of the day, this is the freedom that this ideology sets the standard, which allows women to women to decide on their body, allowing them to be a mother for pleasure and not for obligation.

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