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Natalia Téllez and Christopher Uckermann: This was the love story that ended with infidelity

It was in 2014 when Natalia Téllez began a relationship with the actor Christopher Uckermanwho at that time was enjoying the fruits of his participation in “RBD”.

Unfortunately, the relationship that began as a fairy tale ended as a nightmare due to an infidelity that the famous spoke of seven years after her “thunder”.

It was during a broadcast of Netas Divinas that Natalia Téllez ventured to open the trunk of memories and uncover the real reason that made her end her romance with Christopher Uckermann.

At that time, the famous 36-year-old denied the rumors that were formed over the years. In fact, she ended up confessing that the cause of the separation was an infidelity on the part of the television heartthrob.

“It happened to me when I broke up with Christopher (Uckermann). I was made mie…, it was a horrible horn and I was going to the Hoy forum, I told Martha. Yordi produced with you and he told me: ‘Christopher’s going to come out, don’t you want to say it?’”, Téllez explained.

Likewise, Natalia explained that if at the time she did not reveal the details of her breakup, it was because she did not want to get involved in a “never ending” controversy. However, His worst nightmare came true when the name of actress Ana Serradilla came to light.

What would have caused the union of both? Christopher and Ana Serradilla shared credits in a movie and although the actor denied infidelity, the truth is that some time later he began an affair with the famous woman in question.

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