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Natalia Lafourcade supports Ana Bárbara and defends her from José Manuel Figueroa | VIDEO

The lawsuit they hold Ana Barbara Y Jose Manuel Figueroa for the song “Forbidden Fruit” continues to give people something to talk about, because in addition to giving rise to a complicated legal process, the singer Natalia Lafourcade He expressed his full support for the also composer in the midst of the struggle he faces to prove that the melody is his authorship and not his ex-partner’s, as he claims.

It all started with a video on social networks that Joan Sebastian’s eldest son shared in which he implies that he wrote the song for Ana Bárbara, this during the romance they had at the end of 2001 and for which they became one of the favorite couples of show business.

“He ripped divine songs from me, he knows that when I composed them for him, when I did them, I did them with my heart, with my soul”he said before the press taken up by TVNotas.

Being part of the board of directors of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM), Natalia Lafourcade did not avoid being questioned about it and in a meeting with the media taken up by “De primera mano” she showed her full support for Ana Bárbaraas well as any other person who fights for justice.

“I support every woman who is in the fight to find her dignity, peace, respect and, above all, I am going to say to every woman: ‘of course, partner, I’m going for you.’ The work of self-love, that integrity that we have to work on, between women, grabbing each other. It is a matter of respect for everyone, to truly understand that we are a humanity that is transcending”.


The song “Fruta prohibida” has been registered in the name of Ana Bárbara since 2004, however, José Manuel Figuera assured that he composed it since 2001 as a gift for the singer.

“It will always be hers, I composed it for her and I did it for her with a lot of love and very much in love at the time. The only thing I want to recover is the recognition of the work. You already have time. I thought that, as he passed, Ana Bárbara would reconsider and understand the situation. I wanted to re-record one of the songs, and when I looked for it, precisely to recover my credit, there was no positive response, and no way. To date I continue with that illusion that we can reach an arrangement ”


He pointed out in an interview for “Venga la Alegría”. The interpreter of “Bandit” did not hesitate to defend herself and In an interview with Karla Díaz for her YouTube channel, she launched herself against him by calling him a “cockroach”..

On more than one occasion, the 51-year-old singer has indicated that she has the necessary evidence to prove that she is the author of the song, so she is not afraid to start the legal process necessary to end the conflict.

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