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Natalia Lafourcade returns to Los Angeles for 2023

Natalia Lafourcade at the event ‘The Lock Collection’ of the firm Tiffany & Co. in Mexico City.

Photo: Manuel Velasquez. /Getty Images

It’s official! the mexican artist Natalia Lafourcade go back to The Angels to put on a great show at the Greek Theater next August 4, 2023 and tickets are already available for sale through ticket master.

Natalia Lafourcade she would be settling in the city to interpret her greatest hits, the songs that allowed her to be creditor of a grammy and several Latin Grammyaccompanied by the themes of his most recent production “Of All Flowers” album that premiered in October of this year.

It is important to mention that Natalie He had not released a record since 2015, when he released his album “Hasta la Raíz”, the same with which he savored incredible results.

“In the middle of the pandemic, I realized that I was hiding. What made me reflect and understand that I had to break the ice and return to the recording studio,” he said. lafourcade in reference to this “powerful need” to redo music.

The interpreter’s new album has received endless positive reviews for being: “A dazzling and deeply sophisticated collection of original songs that present Natalia’s characteristic compositional virtues”,

Magazine rolling stones He stressed that for this 2022 Natalia Lafourcade’s new album is positioned among the best 15. “A hearty masterpiece that features some of his most exuberant arrangements, even as he explores the intensity of life, death and rebirth,” they said in reference to the material.

For her part, the famous singer revealed that this work reveals his musical maturity and becomes a new step in his career. In addition, he said that he was inspired by themes of vulnerability, life and death, the feminine, nature, the mystical, love and heartbreak.

This incredible record was recorded over 12 intense days, made entirely on analog tape in Texas. Produced by acclaimed artist adanowskyson of the movie legend Alejandro Jodorowsky.

And, among the most outstanding details, it was made known that Natalia Lafourcade assembled a new band without rehearsals prior to the recording of the album to give the music a lively and raw energy. The studio band featured musicians from a wide variety of cultures and perspectives: New York guitar icon, Marc Ribot; the 20-year-old piano wunderkind, Emiliano Dorantes; bassist Sebastian steinberg (Fiona Apple, Soul Coughing) and French drummer, Cyril Atef.

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