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Nails decorated for Christmas | Tips, Photos and Step by Step

When the end of the year festivities are approaching, the rush is great, there are so many preparations and appointments, choice of clothes, makeup, accessories and of course the decorated nails. You can’t spend Christmas without having your nails well done and decorated. But, do you know what color you want to have on your nails and what they mean? Read the article and find out about it.

What this article covers:

Colors meaning

Colors can say a lot about a person’s personality and there are those who don’t give up betting on them for the end of year festivities. If you are a person who cares about the smallest details when composing the look, see what the colors mean, for you to decorate your nails and choose the one that best matches your desire.

Yellow – optimism, relaxation and joy.

Red – passion, energy and excitement.

pink – naivety, tenderness, romanticism.

Green – hope, health, vitality and freedom.

Lilac (Purple) – spirituality, mystery and magic.

Blue – serenity, tranquility and harmony.

Orange – prosperity, success, joy and vitality.

Golden – wealth, power, prosperity and energy.

Silver – stability, success and innovation.

naked – calms down, brings positivity.

It is important for women to have their nails done, as they bring confidence and increase self-esteem, depending on the situation, the color can greatly influence decisions. What woman has never worn red with the intention of feeling powerful? Well, colors have this influence on people’s lives, especially on women’s lives. If you want to achieve your goals this Christmas, choose the right color to decorate your nails.

nails decorated for christmas with christmas motifsStep by Step to decorate nails for Christmas

Nails decorated for Christmas are the biggest success, they are already part of the feminine look, that is, there is no perfect look if the nails do not match. Today I’m going to teach you how to do nails decorated for Christmas, this model is very easy to do and uses fundamental colors. Check it out below:

1st step – have the nail polishes in nude colors at hand, towards light brown, white nail polish, transparent nail polish with glitter and red nail polish;

2nd step – have a toothpick to remove excesses, micropore or adhesive tape and acetone;

3rd step – make the base of the nails painting with nude nail polish;

4th step – apply a layer of nail polish with glitter;

5th step – wait until the nail polish is very dry to make the decoration;

6th step – cut 10 strips of micropore to do in one hand;

7th step – stick the strips in “V” in the corners of the nails to give the shape of the hats;

8th step – paint the triangles with red nail polish, if necessary, apply two coats of red;

9th step – after the nail polish is dry, remove the micropore;

10th step – with the toothpick and the white nail polish, make a little ball on the tip of the hat;

11th step – make small balls next to each other at the base of the triangle. Christmas nail decoration is ready.


Now that you’ve learned how to make beautiful nail decorations, you can even teach your friends.

Pictures of Decorated Nails:

Red nails decorated with glitter

Nails decorated with glitter promote beauty and sophistication, no matter the color. Check out the models below:

nails decorated for christmas with glitter

nails decorated for christmas with candles

french christmas decorated nails

Nails decorated with Christmas motifs

You can decorate your nails with candles, Santa Claus, Christmas ornaments, among others, it will depend on your creativity and style. Check out the models we have selected for you:

nail decorated for christmas with pine trees

nail decorated for christmas with candles

nail decorated for christmas with santa claus

Nails decorated with red

Red is the symbol color of Christmas and most women want to match their nails with the look. How about getting inspired by the models below:

nails decorated for christmas with red

Nail decorated for Christmas with green leaves

nail decorated for christmas with lace

Decorated nails for Christmas Stiletto

Stiletto nails are a trend and more and more women are betting on this style. If your nails are not long enough to make the shape, you can bet on gel nails. See beautiful designs below:

stiletto decorated nails with arabesque

nails decorated for christmas stiletto nude and black

nails decorated for christmas stiletto pink

Now that you have the models to decorate your nails for Christmas, you can choose the one that best suits your style and have beautiful nails. Happy Holidays!


Snow is a Christmas symbol and even though it doesn’t appear so often in Brazil, snowflakes are the favorite among nail designs for Christmas. For make the snowflakes a nail polish with a darker color such as red, blue, green, gold, silver, yellow, gray and black is needed. The nails are painted with the chosen dark nail polish and the snowflakes are done with white nail polish or with a white fabric paint. The amount and size of the snowflakes is optional, but it should be done according to the size of the nails.

Nails decorated for Christmas with blue and snowmen (Photo: Disclosure)

Nails decorated for Christmas with blue and snowmen (Photo: Disclosure)

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