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Nail Polish Trends 2023 – FASHION TRENDS

Every woman wants to have well-groomed hands. In this text we are going to present what we should expect for the new decorated nail trends 2023, and what the original polishes should be.

Decorated nails 2023: Modern trends for nail decoration

Semicircular or almond-shaped nails are in trend now. One important thing is that very long nails are no longer in fashion, if they are colored they will be a sign of vulgarity.

Size should be short or medium. Decorated nails 2023 proclaim the importance of naturalness and practicality.

We can make different combinations with matices of the same color or combine two different colors for decorated nails 2023.

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

If your taste is going to be to do floral designs on nails, it will be the best, because in this case the decorated nails 2023 will be full of romanticism.

In order to carry out such nail decoration ideas, we can use the following colors: celestial, cerulean, soft pink, orange, green and other colors.
Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

French is going to be one of the beautiful nail possibilities, because your hands are always well-groomed with it.

In this case, we can say that the classics change over time, and now stylists present current French nail decoration ideas with different nail polish colors 2018.

Matte nail decoration continues to be in fashion. It always stays current and different.

It should be noted that, compared to bright color, it sometimes has a careless image, particularly if we choose complex pastel tones or combine matte color with rhinestones, with designs or other nail decorations.

In the heat of summer, neon nails will be more appropriate than ever. Lucky’s first neon shades first came into vogue in the 90’s, but today they are back on trend.

A warm season is an ideal season to experiment with appearance.

Prefer soft hues for decorated nail polish trends 2023. These colors will enhance the natural beauty of women’s hands.

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

With these colors you will look independent but not too provocative. In trend are metallic colors such as bronze, gray, gold.

Yellow color with ombre in the hottest season of the season will be in trend.

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

If you decide to decorate your nails with decorative elements, then pay attention to the hot novelty of beautiful nail designs – kamifubuki.

Kamifubuki is special confetti for decorated nails 2023, which came to us from the East, from Japan. They can be of different colors and diameters, kamifubuki allows you to create amazing nail designs.

You can “spread” kamifubuki over the entire surface of the nail or just a separate area, place the ornament, arrange them chaotically or neatly.

Kamifubuki can be superimposed on each other or at a distance, placed on a colored or transparent base. There are a lot of options, in any case, you will get an absolutely beautiful nail design.

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

Another great way to decorate nails is a rhinestone. These clear crystal drops look particularly advantageous on a monochromatic coating, especially a matte one.

If you decide to select only accented fingers, then rhinestones can be used generously, laying out complex compositions or even completely covering the nails.

But if you want to decorate each finger, then it should be a few drops that can be strengthened at the base or corner of the nails.

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

Newspaper nail design is fresh and original. Nail Designs 2023 for Newspaper Nail Design Ideas, a photo of which is placed below, will not leave any girl indifferent.

Of course, some options, for example, multi-layer designs, require skill and excellent experience, but first, you can limit yourself to classic newspaper nail design ideas for beginners.

At least occasionally, it is worth diluting everyday neutrals with juicy colors. It helps to relieve tension and gain a positive charge.

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

Nail designs and nail polish trends 2023: “Caviar Polish”, Velvet

Not only beautiful, but also fashionable will be “Polishing Caviar” in 2023. It was invented in the UK, but, despite the appetizing name, red caviar has nothing to do with it.

What is so special about caviar nail polish, and how does it differ from the usual? The main difference is the three-dimensional volume type of nail designs with the so-called 3D effect, which will surely attract people with fascinating beauty. It’s not practical, but it looks great.

It looks like very small beads, of a variety of colors and shades that can be mixed with each other, and successfully combined with glosses of different shades.

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

Velvet design is good in monochrome nail designs, where its unique structure is fully reflected. Velvet design is the choice of elegant and beautiful ladies.

You can buy such a set in all specialized stores and make velvet designs for nails at home.

It should be understood that a flock can be characterized by different pile lengths, which in turn creates different velvet effects, deeper or muffled

.The pile included in the kit can be made of different materials, such as viscose, cotton, wool. Also, as an alternative material, nail stylists sometimes use sand, which also creates the effect of suede nail art.

As a result, the nails will be with a visual relief and bumpy effect.

Decorated Nails 2023: Nail Polish Trends 2023

Luminous polish is the choice of young and brave people who like to spend time in nightclubs.

They are not afraid to raise the attention of others and are able to smile with compliments in their address.

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