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Nacho Cano gives his opinion about Shakira and makes a recommendation to Gerard Piqué

Nacho Cano said that Shakira is a girl who “writes what she feels.”

Photo: Beatriz Velasco/Getty Images

Spanish singer and songwriter Nacho Cano He is currently promoting his musical project “Malinche” and went to the morning television show “Public mirror”where he was interviewed by Susanna Griso. However, it was a question unrelated to his professional plans – but related to music – that caught the attention of the public.

Griso questioned the former member of the Mecano group about his opinion of Shakira’s song “Music sessions #53”whose lyrics are dedicated to Gerard Piquéto which he replied: “Well, it’s a girl that I imagine is… writes about what she feels”, to which the interviewer interrupted and said: “Disappointed, the word is spiteful”.

Nacho finally accepted that term and added: Well, now we’ll have to see what song the other one is doing now, right? I would have to do a song… make a song, put it on Spotify, which will give you more”. Finally, Susanna asked the musician if he had reflected his love life in his songs, and he said: “Yes, “We always live together”, but I only talk about the beautiful, and with all my ex-girlfriends I have a great relationship. With all. There is no one who speaks ill of me, that I know of.

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