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Myths and realities of the stereotypes of each zodiac sign

Stereotypes of the zodiac signs lead to generalizations about their character that may be wrong. Everyone has likes, dislikes, gifts and disadvantages, as well as strong traits and weak points, this means that no one is superior and no one is inferior, they are just different.

To find out what they are the biggest myths and realities of the signs of the zodiac, PsychicWorld.com he went to the astrologer Inbaal Honigman to end the bad reputation of each of them and explore the reality of their behavior.

Myth: is constantly angry.
Reality: he is cheerful and playful, if he gets angry it is for a short time.

As a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of action and war, Aries is temperamental and explosive, however, that does not mean that he is angry all the time, he has a lot of enthusiasm and is motivated by emotions.

Myth: is lazy and lazy.
Reality: He is cautious and does his best to help everyone.

You have the idea that Taurus is apathetic and lazy, however, this sign does everything for stability, thinks before acting and is not a fan of risks. Although he loves to rest, he makes up for the time invested and does what he can to help his loved ones.

Myth: has two faces.
Reality: See both sides of a situation or argument.

According to Inbaal, it is the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac due to its double personality. His ability to be for or against and listen to everyone’s point of view, earns him a bad reputation. However, since he has a dual character, he can have two passions at the same time.

Myth: is too emotional.
Reality: He is a good listener and not only feels his emotions.

He is sentimental and nostalgic, which means he can feel emotions too quickly, not just his own, but everyone else’s. That is why it is the most homely sign, it loves to have everyone together, be it family or friends.

Myth: is the most selfish.
Reality: loves success and wants others to succeed too.

This sign is known for its confidence, bravery, and toughness. Naturally, he attracts attention, which is why he is classified as arrogant and self-centered. But the truth is that he shines with his own light because he loves success, and since he is generous, he wants everyone to achieve their dreams too.

Myth: is a perfectionist.
Reality: is methodical for anything.

They say that he is highly critical and a perfectionist, but the truth is that he thinks before acting and does not take a step without first being sure. They don’t take every opportunity, they analyze which ones really serve them and take advantage of them.

Myth: is very indecisive.
Reality: understand the duality of life.

The sign of the scales is associated with balance and they are good at resolving conflicts. Their personality is dual so they know how to listen to both sides of an argument, pay attention and give a valuable opinion and they don’t like to play the role of judge, but they do sail with the white flag.

Myth: he is very jealous.
Reality: is passionate and selfless.

He has a passionate and intense personality, which is why it is often confused with jealousy and the need for control. Although his character is complex and tough, it does not mean that they are possessive.

Myth: not reliable.
Reality: is very adventurous.

As a free soul of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is singled out for his lack of commitment, but the reality is that he loves adventure and loves not knowing what will happen tomorrow. They are always ready for the unexpected.

Myth: he becomes obsessed with work.
Reality: is hardworking and passionate to relax.

Capricorn is often stereotyped as ambitious and overly responsible. While these may be positive traits, they make you seem hard and cold, but they are not. He is dedicated and practical, and the same interest they take in his career, they put in his breaks.

Myth: is antisocial.
Reality: places humanity above all else.

He is a great thinker who seeks to solve problems logically and is often believed to be aloof. The reality is that he is a humanitarian idealist who is committed to justice and social causes.

Myth: is very naive.
Reality: He is an optimistic dreamer who encourages those around him.

This sign is criticized for being the most naive as its mind is kept in pink and wonderful dreams that can be “destroyed” as a needle pricks a balloon. The reality is that they see the world from a fanciful and optimistic perspective, which is why they are great creatives and develop well in altruistic careers.

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