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Myrka Dellanos and the 5 outfits with which she set Instagram on fire

Myrka Dellanos.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

With more than 30 years of experience in television, the host Myrka Dellanos she has managed to amass a large number of fans who support her at every step she takes. This affection has been palpable through social networks, where he maintains a close relationship with his digital community.

In addition, it has been through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram that the famous woman has given away one or another eye stud thanks to the photographs she publishes and with which It shows that at 57 he has one of the most enviable figures in the world of entertainment.

For this reason, we share with you a list of those images with which Myrka Dellanos has stolen the breath of dozens of Internet users, and have you already seen them all?

commercial smile

The television presenter graced the ‘La Mesa Caliente’ forum with an outfit that accentuated her attributes. It was a tight dress with a floral print, whose colors highlighted the tan of her skin.

hourglass figure

What a stir Myrka Dellanos caused with her arrival on the red carpet at the Billboard Awards, held last September. And it is that surprised by wearing the same dress that she wore 17 years ago for another important award ceremony.

It should be noted that his publication was accompanied by an image of the “before and after” carrying the piece, and he earned the compliments of the public by looking as incredible as he did more than a decade ago.

crazy leg

“Beauty is different for everyone. If they see me with eyes of love, they see me pretty, ”wrote the famous 57-year-old to accompany her image where she is seen posing very smiling from the stairs, while she carelessly boasted of her shapely legs.

wasp waist

An elegant dress with rhinestones and transparencies was the only thing Myrka Dellanos needed to raise the temperature on social networks, as the piece highlighted the tiny ‘wasp’ waist that she has.

dangerous opening

Last but not least, we remember that unexpected video shared by the famous woman in which she gave a taste of a photo session she underwent. The surprise was the revealing dress that she wore for the occasion, since it had a dangerous opening at the height of the thighs that left little to the imagination.

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