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My mother, your father – all participants in TV4’s new dating program with single parents

My Mom, Your Dad is a new dating show with a twist. The program premieres on March 8 on TV4 Play and TV4.

Photo: TV4

In the program, viewers meet a group of single parents between the ages of 45-58 who are looking for a second chance at love. They are nominated for the program by their youth to children. The parents move into Villa Kärleksudden together, unaware that their children are in another house a stone’s throw away. There, the children follow their parents’ dating through surveillance cameras. There will be everything from humorous and somewhat embarrassing moments to open-hearted confessions. The children get to see and get to know their parents in a completely new way when they get to act as love experts and have the opportunity to influence what happens in their parents’ dating.

Linda Lindorff hosts the program

By her side, host Linda Lindorff has housekeeper Lukas Orwin, who makes sure that the house is top notch and that the parents are well. But he also has a role as the spider in the web. In collusion with the children, who are the ones who decide who will go on dates with each other, it is Lukas who plans and executes. Then it is up to the children whether he should help or ruin the date!

Participants My mother, your father

Annina Hohenthal, 55 years old, Malmö, nominated by her daughter Fideli Hohenthal, 20 years old, Stockholm

Annina Hohenthal is fun. psychologist and currently works as CEO of his own company with 40 employees. She has three children. Daughter Fideli describes her mother as loving, sometimes a little too stubborn and impatient but always generous and open-minded.

Annina Hohenthal and Fideli Hohenthal/Photo: TV4

Emil Berger, 47 years old, Gothenburg, nominated by his son Jonatan Berger, 17 years old, Mölndal

Emil Berger is a behavioral scientist and has a son, Jonatan. Emil likes going to flea markets and tinkering in the garden. According to son Jonatan, father Emil is spontaneous, funny, nice and easy to talk to. He always finds something to do and knows what he wants.

Emil Berger and Jonatan Berger/Photo: TV4

Jessica Grusell, 54 years old, Gothenburg, nominated by her daughter Frida Grusell Dambäck, 21 years old, Gothenburg

Jessica works as a management consultant/coach and has a daughter, Frida. According to Frida, mother Jessica can sometimes be a little impatient, but above all she is funny, honest and genuine.

Jessica Grusell and Frida Grusell Dambäck/Photo: TV4

Jesper Andersson, 52 years old, Nyköping, nominated by his son Oscar Andersson Öhgren, 26 years old, Nyköping

Jesper is a consultant and works as a project manager/construction manager and has four children between the ages of 15 and 26. The son Oscar describes his father as a loving person who can possibly be a little restless, but spending time with Jesper never gets boring.

Jesper Andersson and Oscar Andersson Öhgren/Photo: TV4

Mathilda Segerstad, 47 years old, Gothenburg, nominated by her daughter Saga Segerstad, 18 years old, Gothenburg

Mathilda is a lawyer and has a daughter, Saga. She loves everything to do with the sea and likes everyday luxury. According to Saga, mother is a happy and bubbly person who loves to meet new people, perhaps somewhat impulsive and impatient at times, but always funny and caring.

Mathilda Segerstad and Saga Segerstad/Photo: TV4

Jussi Ora, 56 years old, Stockholm, nominated by his son Max Ora, 21 years old, Stockholm

Jussi works as a social entrepreneur and has two adult sons. Jussi likes to spend time in nature, travel, meditate and exercise. Above all, he loves to dance salsa. According to Max, father Jussi can be quite stubborn, but above all he is full of energy, adventurous and a good connoisseur of people.

Jussi Ora and Max Ora/Photo: TV4

Pia Hjälmkrona, 58 years old, Huddinge, nominated by her son Christian Hjälmkrona, 23 years old, Stockholm

Pia works as a car salesman and has three children. According to son Christian, mother Pia can sometimes be a bit too stubborn and talkative, but above all she is kind and loving.

Pia Hjälmkrona and Christian Hjälmkrona/Photo: TV4

Lennart Kingsson, 53, Frändefors, nominated by his daughter Jennifer Walter, 28, Gothenburg

Lennart is a machine operator and has two adult children. He likes to train and ride a bike. According to Jennifer, father Lennart is kind, funny and resourceful, possibly a bit forgetful and naive at times, but always invests wholeheartedly in something he has decided on.

Lennart Kingsson and Jennifer Walter/Photo: TV4

Sigrid Åhs, 49 years old from Malmö, nominated by her daughter Isabelle Åhs, 18 years old from Malmö

Sigrid works as a high school teacher in sports and health and has a daughter, Isabelle, and a 7-year-old son. For daughter Isabelle, mother Sigrid is a great role model. She describes her mother as an incredibly strong woman who is very kind-hearted and always wants well.

Sigrid Åhs and Isabelle Åhs/TV4

Stefan Brodin, 54 years old, Valbo, nominated by his daughter Elin Brodin, 22 years old, Uppsala

Stefan works as a work environment engineer and has four adult children. He plays the drums, loves all kinds of music and has a penchant for gardening and being in nature. According to Elin, dad Stefan is funny, caring and adventurous – a “drummer with golden retriever vibes”.

Stefan Brodin and Elin Brodin/Photo: TV4

Tanja Madsen, 54 years old, Södertälje, nominated by her daughter Emily Madsen, 23 years old, Stockholm

Tanja works as a deviation coordinator and has a daughter, Emily. According to Emily, mother is a bubbly, happy, spiritual and caring person – she dares to invite herself. She likes cozy dinners, walks and wonderful trips.

Tanja Madsen and Emily Madsen/Photo: TV4

When does My Mother, Your Father premiere?

My mother, your father premieres on March 8 on TV4 and TV4 Play.

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