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My FGTS money is gone, what to do?

Some Caixa users are complaining that the FGTS money has disappeared, what could have caused this? Since the 20th of April, the FGTS has already been paid, and should continue like this until around the 15th of June. It is estimated that 42 million people have access to withdrawing R$ from the FGTS.

However, some people entitled to the benefit, when checking their accounts, are realizing that the FGTS money is gone. Let’s now understand what happened, and also what to do in this situation. Check out!

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If the FGTS money disappeared, what could have happened?

The disappearance of FGTS has been reported by an increasing number of people in recent months, and it is not just Caixa customers who are experiencing this. Let’s understand what to do in this situation.

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Caixa Econômica Federal Error

Speaking now specifically of Caixa, there are two situations that could be the reason for this type of problem. Lately the number of users of the Caixa Tem app, has been increasing significantly. This large increase in users may have caused some kind of instability in the app, so when checking the withdrawal, we were unable to see the FGTS balance.

However, fraud attempts on Caixa accounts have increased, as a result of these suspicions, some accounts are being blocked by Caixa for user safety.

But it is not difficult to recover your account. To unblock it, just go to one of the Caixa Econômica branches taking a document with a photo, then your account should be back to normal and you will have access to your balance without any problems.

Error other banks

However, if the user has preferred to transfer the money to another bank and has experienced the same error, realizing that the FGTS funds are not available, it is recommended that the user contact the bank to solve the problem.

With the technology we have today, it is becoming easier and easier to communicate with banks. You can do this through a call, an app or even through social media.

First, we have to understand what could have caused the problem. It is important to mention that if the user has the CPF in an irregular situation, it will not be possible to create an account at Caixa Tem, and consequently will not have access to the extraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS. First, you must regularize the CPF and then create the account.

What to do in case the extraordinary FGTS does not fall into the account

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However, if all requirements are met, but the money still does not appear in the account, the customer must go to a Caixa physical branch with an identification document and report the situation.

But who is entitled to FGTS and how can you receive it?

The FGTS was created to benefit people fired without just cause. So all people who have a balance in the fund account will be able to withdraw the FGTS.

For people who have money in different FGTS accounts, withdrawals will work in stages: first, withdrawals from lower value accounts will be made available, and then, if desired, the user can withdraw FGTS from other accounts. It is important to remember that money that has been blocked cannot be recovered.

To receive FGTS, you must have an account at Caixa because all payments will be made there. If you prefer, you can later transfer the money to another account. If you want to know when you will receive your FGTS, just look at the calendar. The FGTS deposit date is the user’s date of birth.

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