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Musikhjälpen 2022 – Artists and guests

On Monday evening, presenters Oscar Zia, Tina Mehrafzoon and Klas Eriksson enter the Musikhjälpenburen on Kungstorget in Gothenburg to broadcast 144 hours on the theme “For a safer childhood fleeing war”. Now it is clear which artists and guests will join them.

Photo: Olle Kirchmeier, Mattias Ahlm and WOT prod

A large number of competitions and auctions are arranged during Musikhjälpen. Among other things, there will be a competition for a performance by Sven-Ingvars at your own party, an auction for a skiing lesson with Charlotte Kalla and a weekend in Vemdalen and a competition for a dumpling course with master chef Jimmy Guo. You can find all competitions and engagements here.

Over 40 artists play live in Musikhjälpen during the broadcast week and a large number of guests visit.

The following names are ready (subject to possible changes)

Monday 12/12

LIVE: Daniel Adams-Ray
THEME: Kristina Henschen – Radio help
THEME: Alexandra Segenstedt – Red Cross
LIVE: Little Dragon
GUEST: Flashback forever
Night mate: Daniel Adams-Ray
GUEST: Saskia Cort

Tuesday 13/12

GUEST: P4 Gothenburg
Night companion: Ina Lundström
GUEST: Mark Levengood
GUEST: Hanna Bergwall
LIVE: Sarah Klang
THEME: Mia Hejdenberg – Doctors Without Borders
LIVE: Styva Linan
GUEST: Frölunda HC
THEME: Alexandra Segenstedt – Red Cross
GUEST: Laila Högfeldt
LIVE: Amaranthe
GUEST: Jimmy Guo
GUEST: Albin Edberg & Louise Johansson
LIVE: Simon Superti
THEME: Sara Andersson – Erikshjälpen
GUEST: Alfred Svensson
LIVE: Paula Jivén & Hvitfeldtska gymnasium
LIVE: Daniela Rathana
GUEST: Filip Dikmen & Madeleine Eliza
LIVE: LOAM & Estraden
GUEST: Niklas Andersson
Night companion: Torbjörn Averås Skorup

Wednesday 14/12

Night companion: Alfred Svensson
GUEST: Daniel Norberg
LIVE: Isak Danielsson
GUEST: Anna Tsuboi & Sofie Bariamikael – UR Think Till
THEME: Martina Hibell – The Children’s Fund
LIVE: Miynt
GUEST: The evening shift in P4
THEME: Björn Strandberg – Page
LIVE: Danny Saucedo
GUEST: Torbjörn Averås Skorup
LIVE: Junior Brielle
GUEST: Christopher Garplind
THEME: Caroline Kernen
GUEST: Food coma
LIVE: Jübel & Christopher
GUEST: IFK Gothenburg
LIVE: Hanna Ferm
GUEST: Santa Hallberg
LIVE: Alawee
GUEST: Kalle Berg
Night companion: Johannes Cakar
GUEST: Linda Spåman

Thursday 15/12

Night companion: Edvin Edvinsson
GUEST: Emma Molin
LIVE: José González
THEME: Izla Bethdavid – Plan International
LIVE: Kerstin Ljungström
GUEST: Brother, SVT
GUEST: Mickey Dee
LIVE: Medina
GUEST: Vidar Lunde
GUEST: Farah Abadi
GUEST: Johannes Cakar
LIVE: Olivia Lobato
GUEST: Tiktokchrille
THEME: Christophe Sacko – The Doctor’s Mission
GUEST: P3 Documentary
GUEST: The Villbergs
LIVE: Joel Alme
GUEST: Gentlemen’s Coach
GUEST: Renaida Braun & Felicia Kartal – Fejk, SVT
LIVE: Tove Styrke
THEME: Johan-Mathias Sommarström
GUEST: Henrik Nyblom
THEME: Mushtaq Khorsand
GUEST: Robin Andersson
Night companion: Tove Styrke

Friday 16/12

GUEST: Karin Londré
Night partner: Farah Abadi
GUEST: Kodjo Akolor
LIVE: Parham
THEME: Sara Granath – Save the Children
LIVE: Nike Sellmar
GUEST: Naprapatjonas
LIVE: Cornelia Jakobs
GUEST: Amed Bozan & Yasmine Seifi – P3 Series
THEME: Erica Mattelin
GUEST: Marie Agerhäll
GUEST: Malin Olsson & Simon Peyron – Fixa julen, SVT
LIVE: Little Jinder
GUEST: Loui Sand
LIVE: Myra Granberg
THEME: Khonaf Kako
GUEST: BK Häcken
LIVE: Whoa
GUEST: Sofia Dalén
LIVE: Anis Don Demina & BELL
GUEST: Oliver Strige
Night companion: Sofia Dalén

Saturday 17/12

Night companion: Evelyn Mok
GUEST: Brita Zackari
GUEST: Nikki Amini
THEME: Pernilla Baralt – Unicef
LIVE: Oscar Zia
GUEST: Ylva Hällen & Markus Granseth – Children’s Morning
GUEST: Tonje Halvorsen
LIVE: The Tallest Man On Earth & Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
THEME: Louise Frisk – Clowns without borders
GUEST: Zeina Mourtada
LIVE: Janice
GUEST: Frölunda HC
LIVE: Sahara Hotnights
GUEST: Adam Kais
GUEST: Fredrik Andersson
THEME: Minna Fredriksson – Diakonia
LIVE: Veronica Maggio & Miriam Bryant
GUEST: Linda-Marie Nilsson
LIVE: Victor Leksell
GUEST: Evelyn Mok
Night companion: Dante Zia

Sunday 18/12

Night companion: Robin Berglund
GUEST: Sanna Sundqvist
LIVE: Jonathan Johansson
LIVE: Molly Hammar
THEME: Jacob Ansved – ACT Swedish Church
GUEST: Fredrik Mejster – Genjägarna, SVT
LIVE: Helen Sjöholm & Anna Stadling
GUEST: Linnea Henriksson
LIVE: Sven-Ingvars
THEME: Maria Sur
THEME: Alexandra Segenstedt – Red Cross
LIVE: Circus Circus
GUEST: Arantxa Alvarez
THEME: Kristina Henschen – Radio help
LIVE: Cleo

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