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Multiple profiles, the new Facebook function • ENTER.CO

It is currently in testing, but may be available to all users. Facebook believes that the option of having multiple additional profiles could represent the generation of greater user engagement with the social network.

It is important that you know that this new functionality will allow you to create more profiles, although they will all be associated with the main profile of each user. These new profiles will not need to have an actual name, but could instead be separate names for each. Meta, the company behind Facebook, said that users could create up to 5 additional profiles. The purpose of Facebook is to encourage the participation of more people and improve your experience in the function of interests and relationships. Although additional profiles are created, still Facebook policies and rules must be followed. If a user receives a violation notice in an additional profile, it may affect the entire account. This measure is aimed at avoiding the creation of troll-like ditches and of course seeks to avoid inappropriate use.

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This seems to be a growing trend that social networks are looking for, since they seem to be migrating towards the development of new features focused on the user. The idea is to give greater control over the accounts and improve the experience in the use of the networks. Some of the restrictions that this type of additional profiles will have is that they will not be able to manage a page and they will also not be able to participate in Facebook Dating. Meta recently released several features such as removing the requirement for a Facebook account in Quest 2. New tools for content creators have also been implemented on the Instagram social network. Additionally, new safety features for teens are being implemented.

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