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Mugler H&M – new design collaboration

H&M’s next designer collaboration is a groundbreaking partnership with fashion house Mugler. Mugler has always been inclusive with a wide range of personalities and beauty types and with this collaboration they broaden their horizons even further.

Photo: H&M

With a mix of daring style, glamor and freedom of expression, the fashion house Mugler has always been pioneering. The history of Mugler is about avant-garde catwalk shows and boundless haute couture; about visionary interpretations of beauty that transcend boundaries, embracing the supernatural, the non-binary and the technological. The fashion house was founded by French designer Manfred Thierry Mugler in 1973 who was ahead of his time with themes around body positivity, gender neutrality and self-confidence.

The silhouette in the collection features the typical Mugler fit; prominent, large shoulders with a focus on a narrow waist. To celebrate Mugler’s connection to music, show, theatricality and subculture, the collaboration also releases a music video to celebrate the collection. A tribute to the curves and lines of the body and to self-confidence.

Mugler H&M includes both womenswear, menswear and accessories and will launch in select stores and online on May 11, 2023!

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