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Ms. Marvel ended up being the most relevant show of phase 4 of the MCU • ENTER.CO

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Next, we will give spoilers for Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel is over and, overall, we can say that this is one of the most pleasant surprises in the MCU in recent times. The combination of the ‘youthful’ tone of the show, along with the action that highlights the MCU resulted in a story that stood out more for the good things, than the bad. And now you have one more reason to watch it: Ms. Marvel has confirmed the existence of mutants in the MCU.

At their goodbye before going to Caltech, Bruno gives Kamala some news. While her powers give her access to the Noor, it is not the only reason she is able to use these abilities. Kamala has a ‘mutant’ gene. The heroine responds to this revelation by claiming that it is just another ‘label’.

Mutants already exist in the MCU

Bruno’s revelation is very important, because it tells us something: mutants already walk in the Marvel universe.

Before this revelation, the group’s entrance was a mystery. After all, until recently having powers in the world of Marvel was something extraordinary. If there were people capable of shooting laser beams from their eyes, one would think that they would have heard it.

This means that in recent months we have created a mountain of theories to justify their entry. With the arrival of the Multiverse, for example, it was thought that the X-Men and other mutants would arrive from another dimension or that perhaps the events in the Multiverse of Madness would end with them entering this world (something that seemed justified, considering the appearance of Professor X).

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What about Mutants in the MCU?

At this point we have two theories about what could be going on with mutants in the MCU.

The first is that mutants haven’t always existed in the MCU… but until recently an event occurred that brought these mutations into the universe. At this point, what many affirm is that parts of the consequence of Thanos’ snap is the key or that perhaps another event in the future will be the one that ends up activating the sleeping mutants of this world.

The other theory is that mutants are nothing more than the product of people and beings from other dimensions leaving their descendants on earth. Recently, in addition to the multiverse, we’ve learned that the MCU is connected to parallel worlds in which people have access to abilities that normal humans don’t. In this case, the mutant gene would have been inactive in previous generations and it is in this one that it has begun to manifest itself.

We don’t know when the X-Men will make their debut in the Marvel universe. But this mention in the Marvel universe is huge. They mean they are already here. Hidden, asleep or waiting for their moment. But the X-Men are finally part of the MCU.

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