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Movistar will have to pay $1.5 billion pesos for misleading advertising

There are millions of complaints that can only be found on social networks about mobile data, internet and telephony services, and no operator is spared. Given this situation, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) filed a sanction against the Movistar telephone company. Now, the company will have to pay $1.5 billion pesos for misleading advertising.

According to the SIC, Movistar issued misleading advertising and violated the right of users to terminate their contracts. Specifically, the campaign for which Movistar was fined is ‘IlimiDatos’, which included the service “Pasa Gigas, ask for and share your data with whoever you want”. Said campaign offered plans for $63,868, $75,990 and $99,990 Colombian pesos, each of them included information that made users believe that they could share data with receiving lines in any modality, it would not matter if they were prepaid or postpaid.

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But, from the SIC it was possible to establish that the advertising pieces of this campaign misled consumers. Actually, the service could only be shared with other postpaid users, otherwise data could not be shared through the service. On the other hand, the company violated and ignored the right of users to terminate their contracts whenever they wished. Likewise, it was determined that Movistar hindered their right to present the respective questions, complaints, claims and suggestions (PQRS).


“It was determined that Movistar omitted relevant information within the advertising pieces and their terms and conditions, a situation that generated confusion among users (…) Likewise, after analyzing these advertising pieces, it was observed that Movistar did not process the requests properly. of termination of the contract of the users who felt cheated with this offer, and that for other cases demanded documents and requirements not foreseen within the regulation to attend to this type of claim”, said the SIC. For its part, Movistar has not commented on the matter.

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