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Motorola’s big bet for smartphones? • ENTER.CO

According to leaks, the manufacturer would be developing at least one device with a roll-up screen, named Felix.

Folding screens still seem to be that next generational step of cell phones, limited to a novelty that 1% of users can have. However, manufacturers continue to believe that the future of cell phones is there: more screen with less space. And it seems that Motorola’s big bet to gain distance in this competition would be a rather unique one: rollable screens.

As its name implies, a roll-up screen uses a special glass to hide the screen inside the device and through a mechanism to extend it. We have seen some prototypes before, such as Oppo’s equipment that allowed to go from a 6.7-inch screen to a 7.4-inch one. However, the Motola prototype is somewhat different. The leak, which comes courtesy of 91mobile, ensures that Motorola is working on a device, codenamed ‘Felix’, with a folding screen.

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According to these leaks, the screen of this device would roll horizontally, not vertically. This is quite different from the prototypes of these phones that we have seen, such as the aforementioned Oppo smartphone. The leaks also ensure that the prototype seeks to emulate current folding cell phones, being a device that with the ‘saved’ screen is much smaller and easier to carry, while with its full screen it will have the size of a normal cell phone.

If these details are scarce, it is because the team is in its early stages and a confirmation of its existence is not expected for at least two years. This, if it even gets to see the light of the sun. Motorola isn’t the first manufacturer to toy with the idea of ​​rollable screens. It is a concept that we have seen dozens of times and that unfortunately has proven to be a white whale of smartphone design.

For now Motorola is pretty busy with its Razr line. At the moment the manufacturer is working on the third generation of its folding equipment, taking many ideas from Samsung. Unfortunately, Motorola’s folding equipment has remained in international markets.

Images: Motorola

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