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Mother’s Day Decoration

THE mother’s day decoration you need to be able to convey all the magic and enchantment that are present on this very special date. Already in the month of April, stores begin to prepare for this occasion. New promotions and offers are already launched in the market, looking for ways to adjust to the needs of consumers. Stores also try to take advantage of the commemorative date to innovate their decor, especially when it comes to shop windows.

Mother’s Day Decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

Stores from different segments are ready to serve consumers from all over Brazil who are looking for the ideal gifts for their mothers. The chains that sell shoes, clothes, perfumes, appliances and accessories for the look increase their sales in the months leading up to Mother’s Day.

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Shopkeepers concerned about the mother’s day decoration should look for creative ideas to illustrate the establishments. There are no well-defined elements to decorate the spaces, as with Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day. Basically, Mother’s Day encourages the creation of affectionate, welcoming decorations that manage to subtly transmit traces of motherly love.

Showcase decorated especially for mother’s day. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

mother’s day showcase

The shop window is one of the main elements used by the retailer to communicate with consumers. It is through it that it becomes possible to know the news, product offers and the advantages of buying at the establishment. For these and other reasons, the showcase corresponds to the essence of stores decorated for mother’s day.

To make the window appropriate for Mother’s Day, explore the transparency of the glass to expose the best of the store. A finish with fabric flowers, hearts or illustrations of moments between “mother and child” help to set the mood for the occasion. The use of panels with photos that value the date is welcome in shop windows and has already been a bet by large retail chains.

Decorate the window with words that recall the relationship between mother and child. (Photo: Disclosure)

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There are many decorating tips for Mother’s Day, which help shopkeepers to stand out in such a competitive market and obtain good results with their investment. Avoiding exaggeration when decorating is fundamental, after all, the excess of elements in the window can distract the consumer from the product and even confuse him. Prefer a simpler and more daring decoration, both in the window and inside the store.

The demand for gifts for Mother’s Day heats up the market, especially clothing stores. Everything indicates that 30% of gifts will be clothes, which is why specialized stores are carefully decorating their windows to attract consumers’ attention and arouse interest.

A showcase that draws attention will definitely increase sales in stores. (Photo: Disclosure)

It is not possible to thematize the look of a store as much as it happens at Christmas or Easter, but shopkeepers can bet on small attitudes to captivate consumers, such as the delivery of gifts and special raffles. It is important to remember that the choice of decoration style cannot impair movement inside the store nor interfere with the well-being of buyers.

handmade ornaments

Another decoration suggestion for Mother’s Day is the use of handicraft techniques, a way to add personality to the look of a specific segment store. EVA, Patchwork, foam, decoupage and biscuit are options that promise to please mothers depending on the context. Sometimes a simple idea like a personalized poster can have a result that a far-fetched decoration does not achieve. Be original, escape clichés and reproduce a bit of minimalist art in your decoration project with creativity above all else.

Use paper hearts when decorating. (Photo: Disclosure)

flowers and hearts

To leave your store in a mother’s day mood, nothing better than betting on a decoration with natural flowers. Place the arrangements at strategic points in the establishment, such as the cashier counter. You can also bet on a mobile of paper hearts to make an outstanding decoration in the space.

Flowers appear in the window decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

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bet on mother’s day decoration and win more consumers for your store.

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