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Mother of Antonio de Nigris denounced medical irregularities that led to his death

Antonio de Nigris during a match for the Mexican team in 2008,

Photo: Bob Levey/Getty Images

Almost 14 years after the death of Antonio de Nigris due to cardiac arrest while he was playing a soccer game in Greece, The death is back in the news due to an interview where his mother, Leticia Guajardo, blamed one of the cardiologists who attended him.

In an interview for Multimedios TV, ‘Doña Lety’, as she is also known, acknowledged that on one occasion Antonio underwent some tests for life insurance and these came out with a very bad prognosis, but despite that, a doctor signed a letter so that ‘Toño’ could continue playing.

“My son took the exam and he tells me about the insurance and tells me that he did not pass, but it is not something from which he can die, but he must attend to it because if not, he will die. I go with a cardiologist and he sends the letter to Turkey to play and after a month he died,” he said.

“He lost weight impressively and everything, but what cruelty to play with that, he never had children, Dr. Mario Benavidez, greetings, you took my son from me. There are many things wrong in this life and it makes me very angry that it is not said,” he added.

Guajardo also denounced that the teams ignored medical recommendations and continued giving De Nigris minutes. The mother even went to her other two brothers with the aim of getting ‘Toño’ to stop playing to take care of his health.

“Toño was not attended to, they abandoned him, they sold him to Greece, they earned all the money and he died. I asked Aldo and Poncho for help so their brother wouldn’t play anymore and they said ‘no, you’re crazy, I don’t know what you’re talking about’. Poncho still does interviews and says that he died out of nowhere, nobody dies out of nowhere,” he said.

What did Antonio de Nigris die of?

“My son had a heart disease. My son has been a national tennis champion since he was eight years old, he was a champion at 12 and 14, he was always impressive in everything and obviously when he left in June, He took an exam and there he found that he had a thousand triglycerides and 800 cholesterol, at 31 years old he is obviously a ticking time bomb, “said Doña Lety in the interview.

At the age of 31, in November 2009, Antonio de Nigris died of a heart attack while defending the colors of AE Larisa. He managed to play in 13 teams from six different countries (Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Turkey and Greece), but with whom he stood out the most was Rayados de Monterrey.

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