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Most common mistakes in decorating the baby’s room

The arrival of a baby totally changes the rhythm of life inside a house. Therefore, it is important for parents to create a cozy and comfortable corner for their child, in which he can reach the development of each stage.

The baby’s room should be a peaceful, comfortable and safe environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

O baby room planning involves choosing different items, such as furniture, lighting, colors, accessories and decorative objects. In addition to being beautiful and comfortable, the room also needs to ensure the safety of the small resident.

What this article covers:

Mistakes when decorating the baby’s room

Check out the main ones mistakes made in the decoration of the baby’s room and how to avoid them:

excess of colors
It is important to be careful not to decorate the baby’s room with too many colors, prints or designs. If there is an excess of information in aesthetics, the environment becomes visually polluted. The ideal for the child’s first months is to enjoy a light and peaceful environment, decorated with light and soft colors.

inappropriate toys
Before buying toys for decorate the baby’s room, parents need to be aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations, particularly with regard to age. Items with large parts are less risky. Decorative items with small parts should be avoided so as not to increase the risk of accidents.

Furniture with sharp edges should be avoided. (Photo: Disclosure)

sharp furniture
When choosing furniture, parents should avoid pieces with sharp edges because they are dangerous and compromise the child’s safety. The best choice for space is furniture with rounded ends.

Big furniture for small bedroom
The furniture chosen to decorate the baby’s room must be proportional to the size of the space. Huge armchairs or a bed along with a crib should be avoided. Furniture needs to respect the circulation space, especially when the child is learning to crawl or take the first steps.

ineffective changer
The changing table must be the right size, i.e. 90 cm long and 60 cm wide. The furniture space also needs to be enough to place essential items, such as diapers, cotton, water, medicine and wet wipes.

The changing table needs to have everything the mother needs to change the baby. (Photo: Disclosure)

cleaning difficulties
THE baby room decor need to offer facilities when cleaning. In this way, parents should be careful with the choice of flooring, textiles, wallpaper and toys. The composition of the room requires antiallergic items that do not accumulate so much mite or dust. The use of stuffed animals and carpet is not recommended.

To make cleaning the baby’s room simpler, parents can bet on natural fiber rugs, vinyl floors and blinds.

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