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Moroccan tennis player is banned for life after fixing a total of 135 matches

Broken tennis racket.

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The 36-year-old former Moroccan tennis player, Younes Rachidi, was banned for life from this sport, after it was discovered that he would have fixed a total of 135 matches in facts related to sectors of the betting mafias.

The decision was made by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA).which made official this historic and forceful sanction against the African athlete who would have allowed himself to win sets and matches with the purpose of enlarging his bank account.

Fine and illegal links

The aforementioned athlete must also pay a fine of $34,000 dollars. and he was also linked to illegal betting in conjunction with two Algerian tennis players who were recently suspended by ITIA.

In the face of all these illegal acts, The Moroccan tennis player will never be able to step on a tennis court again and also will not be allowed to train any player, nor be linked to activities that have to do with sport. In other words, Younes Rachidi is banned from tennis for life.

Younes Rachidi career path

Younes Rachidi is a tennis player born in Morocco and at 36 years of age, he was never in the top positions, nor did he have a long career. Faced with this reality, he preferred to dedicate himself to fixing meetings, which cost him the aforementioned scandal.

The former African tennis player had his best individual ranking at number 743 and in doubles 473, he was also part of the team that represented his country in the Davis Cup.

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