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More trouble for DC. Aquaman (once again) delays its release date

Aquaman moves its release date again and although some may want to blame Heard, it’s just Warner saving money.

The DC universe keeps putting off its movies… which of course anticipates the best news for its universe (you don’t need a super ear to detect sarcasm). The studio has announced that Aquaman is now moving its release date to December 2023, eight months after the previously announced date. On the other hand ‘Shazam 2’, which was originally going to come out in December 2022, has now been moved to March 17, 2023.

The studio did not provide details on why Aquaman 2 has been postponed again. It’s an odd move, considering the film has long wrapped production and, if rumors are to be believed, has even had its first test screenings to gauge the film’s popularity.

The first reason that comes to mind is that the cause of the whole disaster was the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. The actress plays Mera in the sequel, a role that some fans asked to be assigned to another actress considering all the scandal.

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To make matters worse, during the same trial Heard claimed that her role in the film had been reduced due to the lawsuit with Depp, basically accusing the same studio of almost ‘removing her from the film’.

Again, paying attention to the rumors, all this scandal ended up affecting the perception of the film, which in its first showings had poor ratings, mainly because of the fans who could not separate the tape and the most recent events from the history of DC. All of this had the effect of the studio considering whether or not to replace Heard from the film.

The truth is that the most recent move in the movie has nothing to do with Heard, but with the merger of Warner Media and Discovery. Apparently, the postponement of the films would be aimed at better spreading the marketing costs associated with both films. Once again, Warner seems to be making decisions about their films looking to reduce costs, similar to what happened with Batgirl.

Images: Warner Comics

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