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More than waffles – 3 delicious recipes you can cook in a waffle iron

Why limit the waffle iron to making waffles when there are so many other things you can do with this kitchen utensil? We list three delicious dishes to cook with a waffle iron.

Photo: Cervera

Waffles in all their glory, but there are actually several different things you can do with a waffle iron. Below you will find Sofia Henriksson’s recipes for raw crab, breakfast omelette and dessert quesadillas.

Raw crabs

Mix grated potatoes with salt and place in your waffle iron (preferably greased with butter). When the raw ribs are light brown and crispy, just serve with your favorite toppings!


You heard right – you can make an omelette in the waffle iron! Beat eggs and add some sliced ​​green onions if you like. Then just pour right into the iron. Let cook until they starve and the egg is fully cooked. Top with fresh herbs and enjoy!

Dessert tortilla

Spread nutella on a tortilla and fill with your favorite flavors such as banana, strawberry, nuts, or something else delicious. Fold the tortilla twice in half and grease the iron well with butter. Grill in the waffle iron until it’s really crispy!

Source: Cervera

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