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More than 28 million Brazilians have money forgotten in banks; See if you have money to receive

Do you have money forgotten in banks?? Know that Brazilians can check at the Central Bank (BC) if they have any amount to withdraw from financial institutions. For this, the BC has a service that allows the consultation of remaining resources of individuals and companies.

It is worth mentioning that the Receivables Information System (SVR) informs about the credit balance of closed accounts, loan installments, fees charged unduly, resources not sought after the closure of consortium groups and capital quotas to be returned in credit unions.

A BC survey was carried out in June 2021, which showed that customers had about BRL 8 billion to receive from banks. However, many people do not know or do not remember these rights.

If you want to know if you also have any value to redeem, just access the site to verify. If so, the next step is to access the Registration.

Bearing in mind that account amounts prior to 2001 do not appear in the system. To consult these accounts, the search can be made in this page??

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