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More than 230 thousand users have registered in Mastodon in the last days • ENTER.CO

The arrival of Elon Musk on Twitter has not benefited the social network much, instead, it has boosted the growth of Mastodon. This last platform has witnessed a sudden increase in downloads and user registration since last Friday, when the purchase of Twitter was formalized. Although it cannot be said that all the users who have fled Twitter are reaching Mastodon, we do know that at least 70,000 people have closed their accounts on the little blue bird’s social network.

Now, from Mastodon they confirm that the platform has never experienced so many registrations in such a short time. From Friday, October 28 to the time of writing this note, 230,000 users have created an account on Mastodon, a record number. With the arrival of new consumers, the social network reached 655,000 active users. Clearly, Mastodon needs millions of followers to catch up with Twitter. However, if things continue the same, we will continue to see rapid growth in the social network.

You may not know Mastodon because it is little used on this side of the world. The truth is that it is an alternative platform that follows the main line of Twitter with some differences. It was specifically designed to ban control by eccentric billionaires like Elon Musk and Kanye West. It is a free, decentralized, self-hosted microblogging and social networking software.

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Within the differences with Twitter, we can start by saying that Mastodon does not organize your feed, if you subscribe to the account of a celebrity, entity or organization, the platform will show you all their “toots” (publications) in chronological order. That is, the ‘social network’ does not decide what you may or may not like. On the other hand, and the most important thing for many, is that Mastodon does not show ads, nor does it collect personal data from its users. In conclusion, the decentralized design of the platform means that no one can take full control over it, unlike Twitter.

However, Mastodon’s success may be for a limited time. Although the social network is interesting, it is a bit difficult to use. If you install the platform, you will realize that it is not possible to see all the users; this happens because it works with a server system. Also, the interface seems quite confusing, so it takes some getting used to.

Image: Mastodon Blog

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