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More than 100 complaints against Rihanna for her show at Super Bowl LVII: “It was completely inappropriate”

Rihanna starred in the Super Bowl LVII halftime show.

Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

Almost two weeks after Super Bowl LVII was held in Arizona, the event continues to give people something to talk about and it is this time because of the halftime show starring artist Rihanna.

The Barbados-born woman marveled critics for her deployment in the halftime show accompanied by dozens of dancers who accompanied her during her repertoire of songs. Despite criticism of Rihanna’s ‘lack of movement’ on stage, the numbers proved the success of the show: more than 118 million people tuned in when she took the stage, surpassing the Super Bowl overall.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received more than 100 formal complaints about alleged violations of the rule of interstate and international communication committed during Rihanna’s act, reported TMZ.

Users denounced up to 103 times that Rihanna’s performance was too suggestive, rude and sexually charged to the point of pornography.

“Children shouldn’t be exposed to pornography, and as an adult, I don’t want to see it. Where has decency gone?” was one of the complaints received by the FCC from California and to which it had access TMZ.

Another user from Utah complained: “This year the halftime show was so indecent that I had to turn off the TV because of the pornographic content.”

A complainant pointed out that the main promoter of this “pornographic content” was not Rihanna but her dancers, who “they made obviously offensive gestures and completely inappropriate for children”.

Until now, the Commission has not expressed itself in this regard and it does not seem to be something serious considering that Rihanna was confirmed to appear at the Oscar Awards gala to be held on Sunday, March 12, despite her pregnancy, which was announced on the show. halftime of Super Bowl LVII.

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