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More tender, impossible! Julión Álvarez lives the sweetest moment with his granny and it goes viral | VIDEO

Julion Alvarez He has become one of the favorite singers of the Hispanic public. Well, the native of Chiapas is also distinguished by his humility, charisma and always showing nobility either with the people of his family, with his followers or with strangers, but now he did something that captivated Internet users on the network.

The interpreter of songs like “Afuera está lloviendo”, “La María”, “Terrenal” and “Las mulas de Moreno” to name a few, surprised his followers in Durango by inviting them to a massive party.

Well, the singer said that he was in that place to celebrate his maternal grandmother’s birthday with all those who wanted to join.

In a post on Instagram, Julion Alvarez He appears in a video of a few seconds with his grandmother, the two take some dance steps showing that they are good at dancing, they also cannot stop laughing, making it clear that they are having a pleasant time.

Immediately the comments did not wait and there are those who recognized that he is a first-class artist and that he was very daring in inviting all the local peoplebecause everything could turn into chaos.

“This is what some 5th-class artists like the ridiculous rabbit should learn… the humility that some artists have is what their success is based on… Blessed life to the box office king Julión Álvarez”, “It will fill you up like em XV de Rubí, see you there”, “How much nobility and humility there is in you Julión, may God bless you”was what some of his followers said.

Julión Álvarez is currently promoting what corresponds to the album “De Hoy En Adelante, Que Te Vaya Bien” which includes songs such as: “Fuentes de Ortiz”, “Hey Baby” and “De hoy en adelante”, “Maldita faja”.

To mention some of the pieces that are already available in their official accounts, it should be noted that in 2022 the punishment he had with some companies that had removed his work from the accounts ended, since the artist was facing charges for alleged money laundering.

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