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More free manga! All Jump+ App series come to Manga Plus • ENTER.CO

More titles are coming to Manga Plus soon, with the announcement of bringing much of the Jump+ catalog to the free manga app.

Who asked for more manga? This week Shueshia, the publisher behind Japan’s most popular manga magazines, announced that all shonen series on its Jump+ app will now be simultaneously translated and published on Manga Plus.

This is quite important news for manga fans. Jump+ currently works not only as a magazine, but also as an app that allows the public in Japan to enjoy most of its published manga. With this announcement, what is promised is to increase the number of series available in the Manga Plus app. Put another way, Jump+ is a Japan-exclusive app with the vast majority of Shueshia’s published shonen titles, while Manga Plus is the Western version with only a small portion of the series.

It is worth mentioning that some of the Jump+ titles are already being published in the western app. Spy x Family, for example, is free to read right now. However, until now the number was quite small and was only limited to some of its most popular titles. The update also doesn’t mention if there are any plans to include Young Jump or Ultra Jumo to the current Manga Plus catalog at some point.

The latest move coincides with a survey that Manga Plus recently conducted. In it, the application, among other things, asked its readers if they would like to have access to more publications, if they read pirated manga (along with a trap so that they put the URL of their favorite illegal site) and how much they would pay for a service that would let them have access to all Jump posts with no reading limits.

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It is worth clarifying that the announcement does not mean that all the series in the history of Jump+ will come to Manga Plus. The announcement appears to be limited to new publications in the magazine. The works will only be translated into English, but will be available in all countries except China and Korea. It also mentions that some of the series will remain restricted for Japan.

All of these moves indicate that Manga Plus intends to become a Webtoon-like reading service or Crunchyroll for manga. Before the alarms go off, the safest thing is that the application keeps the simultaneous reading free, but that it offers unlimited access to the entire catalog for a monthly or annual price.

Currently Manga Plus has a somewhat strange free model. Weekly Shonen Jump titles (One Piece, My Hero Academia) and the most popular series are only available for free for the first three weeks, with older chapters having only a ‘read pass’ (meaning one Once you’ve finished a chapter, you can’t read it again in the app). On the other hand, other series outside of this magazine (Oshi No Ko, Dandadan) have all their chapters available for reading. The only way to ‘reread’ them is to buy the physical editions (or go to an illegal manga site).

Manga Pus also shared active user data. In 2022 the application has a total of 10,500,000 active users per month.

Images: Shueshia

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