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MoonRay, the DreamWorks Animation renderer will be open source • ENTER.CO

For several years, Dreamworks decided to make part of its technology open source, that is, accessible to everyone. Now its animation division wants to follow in its footsteps by making some other tools free. As the Hollywood Reporter reports, DreamWorks Animation will release its proprietary MoonRay ray tracing renderer later this year.

Everything indicates that the tool will be open source by the end of this year, which will also be accompanied by an Arras cloud rendering framework. “We are thrilled to share with the industry over 10 years of innovation and development in MoonRay’s distributed, parallel, threaded, vectorized code base,” said Andrew Pearce, vice president of global technology at DWA. “The appetite for rendering at scale grows every year and MoonRay is poised to meet that need. We look forward to seeing the codebase grow stronger with community input as DreamWorks continues to demonstrate our commitment to open source.”

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Said renderer was used by the company for films such as “How to train your dragon: The hidden world” “Croods: a new era” as well as the next film “Puss in boots: the last wish”. Now, it only remains to wait if all animation fans will be able to live up to the company’s animations. The truth is that, for everyone, it is exciting to see that this type of tool becomes open source by the same owners. If you wish, you can request early access to Moonray or register as well to receive any updates about it.

Image: DreamWorks

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