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Montserrat Oliver and his wife exchange messages of love after completing three years of marriage

After going through life looking for love, Three years ago, Montserrat Lourdes Socorro Oliver Grimau found what he claims is his soul mate, and in order not to let her escape, he decided to marry her.

Through an intimate ceremony held in Texas, lThe model from Monterrey legally joined her life to the Slovenian Yaya Kosikova, on December 19, 2019.

From then on, the couple decided to settle in the United States. perhaps because of the greater openness that exists regarding gender freedom.

After three years of sharing the good and the bad that coexistence between two human beings implies, Montserrat decided to thank his wife for staying by his side.

“Sharing your life with someone is magical, but sometimes it’s also difficult. Not every day is perfect, but the best of all is growing every day as individuals and as a team. Go against all odds and choose us. Happy 3 year anniversary baby! Thanks for everything always. I still choose you. I love you”, wrote the model and also host of television programs in Mexico.

In response, Kosikova called the period with Olivier a crazy ride.

“I love you too. What a crazy ride by your side, that’s for sure!” she stated.

In solidarity with the couple, some Mexican television celebrities, such as Luz Elena González and Silvia Navarro, expressed their desire for the love that the couple professes to extend for a longer time.

In the early 90s, Montserrat Oliver’s work as a model managed to stand out as a result of her participation in a commercial for an alcoholic beverage And it was then that Televisa was in charge of forging a career for her due to her enormous beauty and talent.

For years, also an actress and television host She was one of the most coveted singles by businessmen and celebrities from all walks of life until she decided to come out of the closet. to let the world know that her preferences were different from the majority of women in her country.

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