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Monica’s gang theme birthday decoration

THE Monica’s gang it’s a great theme to decorate the children’s birthday party, after all, children still identify with the established characters of the comic book series. The theme can be represented through different colors and designs, making the event more fun and cheerful.

Table decorated with cake, sweets and Turma da Mônica dolls. (Photo: Disclosure)

Monica’s gang theme birthday decoration

In a large environment, preferably closed, the party organizer needs to distribute the decorative elements, which value both the theme and the concept of children’s party🇧🇷 Characters such as Mônica, Cebolinha, Cascão and Magali cannot be missing from the decoration of the party. Other figures that appear in the comic also serve as inspiration for decorating, such as Rosinha, Bidu, Anjinho, Mingau, Franjinha and Xaveco.

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The tables distributed in the party space can be covered with colored tablecloths and have a themed decoration as a centerpiece. It is also possible to use the environment to set up inflatable toys and promote other attractions that make the little guests happy.

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Personalized sweets for the themed party. (Photo: Disclosure)

On the walls, it is important that there are many hanging balloons, in addition to decorative panels made with MDF, canvas or EVA. The setting that interacts with children is also an interesting and creative option, as is the case with areas decorated with Styrofoam or fiberglass sculptures.

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THE cake table is one of the most important points of children’s birthday party, so it must be well decorated. In addition to the cake, sweets, souvenirs and colorful cupcakes, it is important to invest in Monica’s Gang dolls to decorate the table and value the theme. As a table background, it is worth betting on a panel along with a balloon arch.

Monica’s Gang Cupcakes. (Photo: Disclosure)

Among the colors that can be worked on Monica’s Gang themed partyit is worth mentioning: red, green, yellow, blue and orange.

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Monica’s Gang Birthday Photos

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About Monica’s Gang

Monica’s Gang is a series of comics created by Mauricio de Sousa. The first productions were released in 1959 and it didn’t take long for them to become a real craze among children.

You Monica’s Gang comics accompanied generations, with funny stories that amused readers. The characters were so successful that they ceased to belong only to the universe of comics and became cartoons, games and even amusement parks.

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Monica’s brand continues to be heavily explored to captivate children. She has already inspired several products, such as hygiene items, toys, clothes and even food.

Turma da Mônica is a Brazilian creation, but it is not only available in Brazil. Licensed products and comic books are present in 40 countries and have been adapted into 14 different languages.

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