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Money forgotten in bank: how to consult

This Monday (02/14), the Central Bank (BC) will allow the consultation of values ​​forgotten in banks — and other financial institutions — will be working in a new address. Call SVR (Values ​​Receivable System) in a way not linked to the Registered System.

The system can only be accessed using the Gov.Br account, and registration can be carried out both through the website itself and through the application (available on Android and iOS systems).

O Portal Gov.br offers three consultation levels, evaluated according to the complexity required by the service: bronze, silver and gold. As with Olympic medals, the gold level indicates more complex services, while the bronze level indicates less complex services.

What this article covers:

What are the procedures to consult money forgotten in the bank?

To receive the money, the user must carry out a two-step procedure: when accessing the SVR website, the user must enter his CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration) or CNPJ (National Legal) and thus have access to which amounts may have been forgotten in banks and other financial institutions.

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During the second stage, the user will need to login to the Portal Gov.br, inform the amount of money and request the transfer. Value transfer can be carried out via Pix.

What are the guidelines for consulting money forgotten in the bank?

Banco do Brasil also reiterates that the SVR website is the only electronic address where it is possible to carry out the query. The account holder will not have any contact with the financial institution via social networks (WhatsApp or Telegram, for example), nor SMS or email, for requesting personal information.

If the transfer cannot be carried out via Pix, the financial institution itself will contact the account holder, but will not request any personal data or password.

What is the deadline to consult the money?

According to the Central Bank, only from March 7 will it be possible to return the money. If the user is unable to carry out the procedures on this date, it will be necessary to repeat the query on the website and wait for the new date informed by the system.

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