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Molly Hammar opens up about growing up: “Very tough”

Today, Molly Hammars enjoys a successful career as a music artist, but her life has not always been a bed of roses. IN Hellenius corner she says that growing up was marked by the family’s difficult financial situation: “It has taught me to appreciate where I am now,” she says in the program.

Photo: Instagram @mollyhammar

A couple of weeks ago, the artist Molly Hammar reached a milestone in her career when it turned out that her new interpretation of the pop duo Norlie & KKV’s “Ingen annan rör mig som du” had sailed up to first place on the Swedish top 50 list on Spotify.

“If I had said this to myself a year ago, I would not have believed it. Too nice,” Hammar wrote on his story on Instagram after the happy news.

Pledged money to afford the student dress

Molly Hammar’s success is a sharp contrast to her upbringing, which she talks about openly when she is a guest on the TV4 program Hellenius corner.

An example is that, in connection with her student, she was forced to pawn jars to afford her dress:

“Financially, we had a very tough time, especially when I was about to graduate, I remember. Then I kind of pawned cans for my student dress, to be able to afford to buy it,” she says in the program according to The evening paper.

Another memory is the so-called crisis pot that her father used to whip up when they were short of money:

“It means that you take everything you have at home and just throw it together. Then you get a ten out of ten crisis pot,” says Molly and adds: “We can look back on it today and just ‘we made it.'”

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