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Molly Hammar comments on the criticism of sexism in “So much better”

This week, Daniela Rathana’s critique of sexism in this year’s edition of So much better received a lot of attention. Now Molly Hammar, one of this year’s hosts of the program, responds to the criticism.

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It was during his participation in the podcast The recruit with Kristoffer Triumf as Daniela Rathana recently told about her experience of the program “So much better”, where she was one of the participants this year.

Photo: Instagram @danielarathana

Molly Hammar: “My experience was fantastic”

Rathana entered the program slightly later than the other artists, something she says made it difficult for her to find her role in the group. In the podcast, she also says that the different ages and backgrounds of the participants resulted in some uncomfortable situations during the recordings:

“Sometimes there were people who said things that sounded completely insane to me. There were things that were not so politically correct, a bit of sexism and such,” she says according to The evening paper. “So I sit and laugh at things that I, as a private person, might have reacted to /…/ I think you will notice how much I try to contribute to a nice and positive atmosphere. And I may not arrive quite right.”

Molly Hammar was one of the hosts for this year’s season and was therefore present during the entire recording period. When she visits Gry Forssell with friends she says she has a completely different experience of the program:

“Me and Daniela are friends and we still are. I cannot vouch for anyone else’s experiences. We’ve talked about it, so between us everything is fine. And my experience was amazing in So much betterthat’s the only thing I can start from and I’m very grateful,” she says according to Happened.

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