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Molly Hammar about her unusual meeting with her boyfriend: “Screamed”

When Molly Hammar visits Carina Bergfeldt’s talk show on SVT, she talks about how it happened when she met her current boyfriend. “I started yelling at him,” she says.

Photo: SVT

Molly Hammar’s music career goes from strength to strength, and even her love life seems to be going smoothly for the acclaimed artist.

That’s how Molly Hammar met her boyfriend

When Molly recently appeared on Carina Bergfeldt’s talk show, she told the somewhat unusual story of how she met her current partner.

“I was at dinner at my best friend’s house. Then I saw a handsome guy sitting in a window and started shouting at him across the yard,” she says.

“Then what did you scream?” asks Tina “Mat-Tina” Nordström, another of the program’s guests.

“Are you single?”, Hammar imitates himself.

It turned out that the guy was very much single, and he later came over for a glass of wine. The rest is history.

Hammar has not posted many pictures of the love on social media, but at the end of February she published a picture on Instagram where the boyfriend is seen in profile.

“Thank you life”, she skewed in the post.

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