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Modern rooms for babies: tips, photos

The concept of modern baby room sustains itself in environments that have a differentiated aesthetic, that is, they flee from the traditional. In these compositions, the pink and blue colors are left in the background so that new tones can characterize the visual identity of the space. The new bets that make the baby’s room modern also appear in the choice of furniture, accessories, lighting and theme.

The baby room is decorated with a ‘Provencal garden’ theme, but has modern lighting based on chromotherapy.

O baby’s room who values ​​modern elements is able to escape a paradigm, thus exploring the wide universe of decoration. In this case, parents can feel free to put together an original and somewhat daring project, without, of course, compromising the comfort and safety of child.

Regardless of the proposal that will be followed in the baby room decor, it is important that the environment is composed of basic furniture (crib, breastfeeding chair and chest of drawers). The items present in the room need to contribute to the baby’s peace of mind, making the first months of life more pleasant. Another aspect that must be taken into account when setting up the room is the need for organization and cleanliness.

Remember that one modern proposal values ​​simplicity and a more minimalist atmosphere, so beware of exaggeration.

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What this article covers:

Tips for setting up a modern baby room

Escape from traditional themes and colors when decorating.

The modern bedroom is neither futuristic nor extremely expensive, in fact it becomes different from the others because it is creative and knows how to explore good taste. Check out some ideas that may be useful in composing a modern environment for the baby below:

Furniture: first of all, furniture must take into account functionality and comfort. Then, to leave the room with a touch of modernity, it is worth betting on pieces that have a different design. Adopting furniture with classic features and combining them with a contemporary atmosphere also reveals a possibility of being modern when decorating.

Subjects: The theme, responsible for dictating the visual identity of the room, must escape the conventional. Among the suggestions that can work when it comes to decorating, there are: Nature, Provencal Garden, Travel, Space, Paris, Carousel and Maps.

Playful and modern environment, inspired by the ‘Nature’ theme.

Colors: the “pink for girls and blue for boys” paradigm should be left aside, after all, modern decor values ​​innovation. Try a unisex color combination, such as white and beige, or innovate using the delicately colored effect. Orange, green, yellow, red, lilac and other tones can be explored according to the theme.

Lighting: in addition to the main light, it is also interesting to bet on strategic lighting spots, such as the illuminated niches on the walls.

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Accessories: these pieces are capable of leaving the baby’s room with more personality, in addition to enhancing the theme chosen to decorate. In this way, bet on mobiles, lamps, children’s comics, plushies and themed decorations.

pictures of modern baby rooms

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