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Modern decorated bathrooms photos and tips

Modern decorated bathrooms photos and tips🇧🇷 Who says the bathroom needs to be ugly and dull? In the following article, you will see that this important room in your home can be much more beautiful and practical than you might think.

Modern decorated bathrooms photos and tips (Photo: Disclosure)

Much sought after when it comes to satisfying physiological needs, to maintain hygiene and also to relax, taking a delicious bath after a tiring day, the bathroom usually does not receive the appreciation it should, since it is such a useful space in any property. .

In addition to impressing guests and guests, a decorated bathroom it increases the feeling of well-being and comfort, also serving to gain a good valuation when selling the property. Therefore, it is worth investing in bathroom decoration🇧🇷

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What this article covers:

Modern decorated bathrooms photos and tips

The decorated bathrooms increase the feeling of comfort and well-being (Photo: Disclosure)

If you want to know how to decorate the bathroomit is worth mentioning that there are several things that can be done to have a modern and decorated bathroomstarting, for example, by choosing a new bench.

There are several models of bathroom countertops, the choice of which varies according to your taste. One of the options is the countertop with double sinks, a good one for the couple’s bathroom. Speaking of the vats, they also have several format options, and you can take the opportunity to change the faucet, choosing a very modern and economical one.

The bathroom doesn’t have to be that cold and lifeless space, as in most cases.

to have a modern bathroom, something you can also do is change the coating, being careful to choose an alternative that is not slippery, increasing the risks of falling. In that case, using non-slip mats is a good idea, as in addition to giving the room a different look, it provides more security.

Holders for towels and clothes (one for clean ones and another for dirty ones), cupboards or shelves for storing products such as shampoos, creams, brushes and other items common to the bathroom are accessories that cannot be missing, as well as the mirror, which helps in daily hygiene and gives a more elegant look to the space.

other tips

By making some changes to the decor, the bathroom takes on a new face (Photo: Disclosure)

There are still several other bathroom decorating tipsas:

– Invest in good lighting (one source coming from the ceiling and another from the wall is an interesting setup).

– Plants add more life and charm to the bathroom.

– Use different colors on the walls and bet on stickers to customize the space.

– The box or curtain can also be customized and follow the style adopted elsewhere.


Check out some pictures of decorated bathrooms in the gallery below.

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