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models, prices and where to buy

Sofa bed: models, prices and where to buy is the subject of the article below, which has information about this important piece of furniture, which is very practical and can be present in the living room, bedroom and other rooms in the house.

Sofa bed: models, prices, where to buy (Illustrative Photo)

For those looking to optimize the space in the house or apartment, the sofa bed is a very interesting alternative, to be used on a variety of occasions, such as when the house is full of guests, for example.

It is also a good option for those with a small bedroom who need space to do other things. During the day, in the sofa format, it allows for better circulation around the room, while at night, at bedtime, it becomes a comfortable bed, without having to make much effort.

Double sofa bed, price, where to buy

What this article covers:

Sofa bed: models, prices and where to buy

Futon sofa bed (Illustrative Photo)

Currently, there are several sofa bed models, which combine with the most varied environments. One of them is the Futon sofa, very modern and practical, a great option for those who want a combination with a more oriental atmosphere for their home.

The retractable sofa bed is among the most popular in the segment. It is usually used in TV rooms, turning into a very comfortable bed for those who want to watch television in a more relaxed way.

Accordion sofa bed (Illustrative Photo)

Available in 2 or 3 seater versions, the accordion sofa bed is also a good choice. The name refers to the appearance that the sofa gets when opened, reminiscent of a musical instrument.

2 seater sofa bed: models, prices

Another model that cannot be forgotten is the bibox sofa (or bunk bed), a great idea for guest rooms. During the day, it functions as a normal sofa, and at night, it turns into two beds (some options even bring drawers to store sheets, blankets, pillowcases and pillows).

Buy sofa bed online

Bibox sofa bed (Illustrative Photo)

where to buy sofa bed🇧🇷 A great option is to search the various models on the internet, sold on furniture store websites and by large retailers (Submarino, Ponto Frio, Ricardo Eletro, Shoptime, Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia, Lojas Móbile, etc.).

sofa bed pictures

With regard to sofa bed prices, values ​​vary greatly depending on the model, size (single sofa bed, double sofa bed, etc.) 00 and also more elaborate models, which can cost more than R$ 2,000.00).

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