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Models of planned kitchens 2015

You custom kitchen designs 2015 seek to meet all preferences and pockets. They are practical, charming and capable of furnishing the room in the right measure, considering the dimensions of the environment.

Models of planned kitchens 2015. (Photo: Disclosure)

The planned kitchen is assembled using custom-designed furniture, that is, that can make the best use of the space and offer more practicality to the lives of residents. Custom furniture represents the best solution for those who want to modernize an environment, after all, they value the proposal of a contemporary decoration.

There are many advantages to opting for a planned kitchen. This furniture pattern helps to keep the environment more organized, as it has many drawers and partitions. It also makes use of the space available in the room and does not interfere with the movement of residents.

Planned furniture makes the environment more organized. (Photo: Disclosure)

If you went to a furniture store and did not find an interesting kitchen model, then the planned structure may be the best solution for your case. This type of furniture allows you to choose the coatings, colors and materials.

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What this article covers:

Models of planned kitchens 2015

Check the following custom kitchen designs 2015🇧🇷

Tuscan Cuisine, by Favorita. (Photo: Disclosure)

Tuscan Cuisine, by Favorite

The Toscana model has straight and minimalist features. Their colors are neutral, but the buyer can customize them as they prefer. The structure is made with white MDP and lacquer.

Cuisine Abruzzo, by Favorita. (Photo: Disclosure)

Cuisine Abruzzo, by Favorita

The Abruzzo kitchen is a perfect model for those who want to set up a sophisticated and welcoming environment. It is all structured in MDP and MDF, but imitates the aesthetics of natural wood.

Cozinha Granada, by Favorita. (Photo: Disclosure)

Granada Kitchen, by Favorita

Do you want your kitchen to have modern features and, at the same time, a touch of color? Then bet on the Granada model. The white furniture shares space with the eggplant-colored doors. There are no fancy lines and everything is very minimalist.

Verena Kitchen, by Todeschini. (Photo: Disclosure)

Verena Kitchen by Todeschini

Recognizing the trend that “less is more”, Todeschini has a completely minimalist planned kitchen in its product line. In addition to the simple lines and neutral colors, the Verena model also stands out because it is made with sustainable and ecologically correct material.

Jangada Kitchen, by Todeschini. (Photo: Disclosure)

Jangada Kitchen, by Todeschini

The Jangada Kitchen is ideal for those who want to set up sober and contemporary environments. Neutral tones, however, share space with bright yellow, which leaves the decoration energized and contagious.

You custom kitchen designs 2015 are passionate and promise to leave your home with a more modern look. However, if you want to adopt planned furniture, then prepare your pocket. The average price ranges from R$ 10,000 to R$ 80,000, including appliances, electrical and plumbing installations.

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