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Models of fireplaces to decorate your home

Models of fireplaces to decorate your home that’s what you’ll find in the article below, which brings tips for those who want to give their home a new look and, at the same time, keep it warmer and cozier.

Models of fireplaces to decorate your home (Illustrative Photo)

For those who live in cities with lower temperatures, the fireplace is an excellent option, as it not only helps heat the property, but also contributes to changing the decoration of the house, which gains much more elegance and sophistication.

City houses, country houses and even apartments can receive the fireplace, which will certainly please the residents a lot, especially in the coldest periods of the year, when this interesting decorative item becomes very useful.

electric fireplaces for home

What this article covers:

Models of fireplaces to decorate your home

Fireplaces are great for changing the look of the room (Illustrative Photo)

THE fireplace decoration has been gaining more and more followers, since the time when having a fireplace meant living in a house with a chimney, with plenty of space to store firewood and a long process to light it, is gone.

Nowadays there are several models that meet all tastes, budgets and needs, such as electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces and alcohol fireplaces, which are very easy to light and do not smoke or get dirty, in addition to combining with the furniture in the house.

The newest models can even be installed in apartments (Illustrative Photo)

These models are ideal for those who want to have a fireplace in their apartment and also for those who want to place the accessory in other rooms (bedrooms, balconies, pantry, kitchen, etc.), in addition to the living room, where it is traditionally installed.

Masonry fireplace – how to build, models, photos

For those who live at home and have space to install it, the traditional fireplace appears as an excellent option, also suitable for farms and farms, where it contributes a lot to warm the environment in winter.

More models of fireplaces

At Christmas time, the fireplace gives an extra charm to the decoration (Illustrative Photo)

You rooms decorated with fireplace are great for gathering family and friends on the coldest nights, for a lively chat, which can be even more relaxed enjoying a delicious wine or that special coffee.

Gas fireplace, prices, where to buy

If you are thinking of changing the decor of your property by installing a fireplace, get inspired by more photos of homes decorated with a fireplace.

Gas fireplace, electric fireplace and alcohol fireplace are modern models that fit anywhere (Illustrative Photo)

Gathering family and friends around the fireplace is something very nice (Illustrative Photo)

The fireplaces also create a special atmosphere to taste that wine (Illustrative Photo)

Fireplace in the room (Illustrative Photo)

There are also some different models of fireplaces, to be used in certain spaces (Illustrative Photo)

Traditional fireplaces are great for large homes, farms and farms (Illustrative Photo)

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