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mobility solutions with total flexibility

Car and fleet rental without bureaucracy? Repair services? Exclusive discounts? Caetano Go offers this and much more.

Need to rent a car for a few days? Do you want to book a car inspection or make an unexpected repair? Do you want to organize your child’s transport to school? Or maybe you wanted to buy a new or used car with a guarantee and complete confidence.

Whatever your transport needs, Caetano Go find all the mobility services you need through one Web site simple and intuitive, in addition to benefiting from a set of exclusive benefits and discounts??

It is also the ideal solution for companies, as it integrates the most diverse mobility solutions and eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy, thus offering greater agility to the corporate public.

Caetano Go: a strong feature of Salvador Caetano

The group describes its services as the “mobility revolution” and promises to be a club of advantages for everyone’s day-to-day life – from companies to private customers. Caetano Go is the mobility brand of the Salvador Caetano groupwhich needs no introduction, the result of more than seven decades of experience in the automotive industry and sector with a presence on three continents.

Now, with the Caetano GoSalvador Caetano brings a proposal that combines the most diverse mobility solutions in an integrated digital structure, with Login single.

Mobility services for everyone

Life can seem constantly demanding when it presents countless needs inherent to our daily lives – needs that are often unforeseen. For this very reason, it makes perfect sense to find solutions that make it easier for us to carry out essential tasks. THE Caetano Go it is a feature that, with regard to mobility, makes everything simpler and faster.

Find all of this in the new Caetano go tool, with the quality assurance that is associated with seven insignia of the Salvador Caetano group.

  1. Retail: for the purchase of a vehicle or motorcycle and workshop services.
  2. Guerin: for daily car hire.
  3. Xtracars: for monthly rental in a flexible, transparent and digital way.
  4. Casters: for the professional and fun transport of your children.
  5. carplus: for buying used cars.
  6. KINTO ONE: for the renting??
  7. myCarflix: for your company’s mobility management.

The best solutions for companies

Small, medium or large companies that use mobility solutions, such as the purchase and rental of fleets, find in Caetano Go the proposal they are looking for to ensure the agility of their professionals and their business.

  • Wide range of services.
  • Monthly fleet rental.
  • Variety of car models and brands.
  • Customer-defined car models.
  • 100% of flexibility regarding the contractual period.
  • No bureaucracy that take too much time.

A single account, lots of mobility solutions

Just create an account, with no associated costs, to access different types of mobility solutions from Caetano Go. In addition, it enjoys an increasingly rich reserved area that cuts across all Caetano Go brands.

One registration, one login and all mobility services in one place, just a few clicks away.

Advantages of registering for free

just do the free registration and access the set of advantages dedicated to Caetano Go customers: scheduling online of workshop services, vehicle rental and purchase solutions, discounts and exclusive campaigns.

In addition to services, there are a number of advantages and discounts dedicated to everyone, from private customers to the corporate public. All you have to do is join Clube Caetano Go and guarantee the loyalty card – you also don’t pay anything for that.

The Salvador Caetano Group’s loyalty club also gives access to exclusive discounts and advantages in the network of partners, in areas of beauty, well-being and lifestyle??

Caetano Go: everything you need for your mobility

Just create your free account to access a diverse set of mobility solutions. A single login, free of charge, to do whenever you need it.

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