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Mobile phone with a screen that can be rolled out

Mobile phones are something that changes all the time and concept phones are constantly being launched that change the way we see them. Because, after all, a lot has changed with phones in recent years. Especially when we use them in completely new ways.

A large part of the work is carried out today with the help of mobile phones and this also means that new concepts are launched. Some become reality and others disappear as they prove to be unusable. Now the Chinese Oppo has launched a completely new variant with its X2021, which is the first phone with a rollable OLED screen that can change size with a single press of a button.

In mobile mode, the phone has a screen of 6.7 inches with a long and narrow aspect ratio, like many other phones. However, a button on the side activates a motor that rolls out the screen so that it instead becomes a small tablet of 7.4 inches. It is also possible to set a custom format by stopping the scrolling at any time. The phone then automatically adapts the interface and content of the apps.

A completely new type of phone

Combining a tablet and phone in this way can suit many people who don’t want to lug around a variety of devices. However, with the press of a button, you can change the phone into a tablet and vice versa. After all, it is important for some to be able to use a larger screen. After all, a mobile phone is not always adapted to be used for some types of work. At the same time, a tablet rarely has all the functions that a mobile phone has. Oppo now provides a solution to this problem with its concept phone X 2021. Then you have a phone and a tablet in the same device. Several other concept phones based on similar features have been released by, among others, LG and TCL. However, Oppo has applied for 112 patents for the technology used in their phone. However, it is still a concept phone and it will probably take time before we see this technology on the market.

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