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MMS messages popular among 75+ | Today’s technology

Sending visual greetings was the most popular thing in Telia’s network during the heartiest day of the year, new data from Telia shows. Regular MMS increased by as much as 58 percent in Sweden compared to a completely normal Tuesday, and it was the seniors and the Gotlanders who were responsible for the biggest rush of love.

On February 14, love is celebrated and in honor of the day, many people usually reach out to both friends and family a little extra, this year was no exception. While calls and surfing were at the level of a normal Tuesday, Telia’s data shows that normal MMS (58%), SMS (15.6%) and SMS to abroad (38%) increased in Telia’s network. The substantial increase in the number of sent MMS is most surprising, the data also shows that the increase increases the older you are. Already in the 45-54 age range, it increases by as much as 44 percent, and in the oldest age range 75+, seniors shoot off significantly with an increase of almost 150 percent.

– Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, and it’s nice to see that more pictures took place in our network this year. There is a strong connection to spreading extra love during the holidays, so we see this as a sign of increased concern among our customers, and especially from our seniors. It feels extra warm in the heart, says Oscar Karlsson, head of consumer business at Telia.

The Gotlänners’ love greetings increased the most by a whopping 90 percent compared to a normal Tuesday. The northern bottoms were a little more frugal with around a 47 percent increase. Viewed as a municipality, it was the residents of Storfors (110.7%) and Borlänge (108.5%) who accounted for the greatest outpouring of love.

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