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Mistakes When Planning an Outdoor Wedding: What They Are

Marriage is a milestone of paramount importance for the bride and groom and also for their respective families. For this reason, the celebration of this union must be very special and, of course, far from any possible unforeseen event. However, at plan an outdoor wedding, there are many factors that hinder the party and even cause the discomfort of the guests. Therefore, to avoid any and all obstacles, see below which are the most common mistakes when having an outdoor wedding🇧🇷

Know the most frequent mistakes when planning an outdoor wedding party (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Wrong weather forecast

This is undoubtedly one of the Top mistakes when setting up an outdoor wedding🇧🇷 As it is difficult to predict the climate-weather condition in advance, it is worth scheduling the party for spring or summer, since winter can be uncomfortable for the guests, since, in addition to cooling the party dishes, there may also be a windstorm capable of destroying the decoration, among many other advents. For all cases it is important to always opt for the middle ground, that is, to have a covered place where guests can feel more comfortable too.

Try to plan the event according to a season favorable to the guests and the preparation of the party (Photo: Disclosure)

An interesting option is to choose a buffet that has indoor and outdoor tables, so that guests can enjoy a more comfortable place, since not everyone would like to stay in an outdoor environment.

forget the details

The issue of details is something that is always very important for women, but in a outdoor wedding, many aspects are forgotten or even inserted into the party unnecessarily. Therefore, choose well the flowers and plants that will be part of the decoration. A good tip is to bet on bamboo and lotus flowers in a pond, which, in addition to being very beautiful, are more suitable for outdoor environments. Lanterns and more natural lighting are more sustainable and economical alternatives, and undoubtedly much prettier.

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The lotus flower is an excellent species to remain in external environments (Photo: Disclosure)

The bride must pay attention to the type of clothing she will choose. Too many veils and a long-sleeved dress can be uncomfortable, making you sweat and appear in photos looking undesirable. On the other hand, dresses that are too short can cause discomfort if a cold front arrives, so everything must be measured and a small white bolero or veil must be within reach of the bride in case the temperature drops. By following these tips you can stay away from making mistakes when planning an outdoor wedding, prioritizing above all the well-being and satisfaction of all the people present at the party. Have a good time!

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