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Mistakes when choosing custom furniture: what are they?

Furniture is undoubtedly something very particular and the differentiating factor of our environment. Therefore, many people prefer custom-made structures in their homes, in order to give their homes a unique and very attractive design. However, some mistakes when choosing custom furniture are frequent and these factors, in addition to being aesthetically unfavorable, are capable of hindering the movement of people in the house. Find out what they are below:

See where most people go wrong when choosing a planned piece of furniture (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Mistakes when choosing custom furniture

many are the advantages and disadvantages of custom furniture, however, the unique design that this element provides is still what attracts most people. However, the first mistake when choosing a planned furniture it’s trying to do it on your own, taking measurements and ordering the manufacturer to supply the products without even contacting a specialist or doing a 3D computerized test to find out if that particular item will be beautiful or useful in the environment.

Measurement errors are the most frequent when buying custom-made furniture (Photo: Disclosure)

In general, it is also common for many people to forget to measure the four sides of the same piece of furniture, which ends up hindering people’s movement. In the case of planned tables, errors in measuring the right foot, that is, the distance between the surface and the roof of the house, capable of disturbing the issue of lighting in the place, are also frequent.

Watch out for fatal mistakes

Another important point that is a fatal error when buying a planned furniture is not paying due attention to the height of appliances. The microwave, for example, should never be aligned with the bowl, otherwise it could cause domestic accidents when used.

Be even more careful when choosing planned furniture for the kitchen (Photo: Disclosure)

Never leave this item close to mini bars or even drinks, as the electromagnetic waves from this component or the heating of a traditional oven can cause damage to the consumption item and consequently problems to the health of people who ingest the liquid. Finally, always choose high quality materials that are resistant to moisture and temperature variations, as planned kitchens or the others custom-made forniture in general, they will stay in your environment for a long time, who knows even after you decide to sell the residence, thus adding a higher price to the property due to this differential.

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