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Mistakes in home lighting

despite the house lighting seems to be something simple, without secrets, much care and attention is needed, because many times, errors in artificial lighting in the house they can compromise everyday actions, such as simply watching television or relaxing in the bedroom.

The lighting of the house must be as detailed in the project as the installation of wiring and pipes, because mistakes made in the installation of lighting can often only be reversed with time-consuming and expensive works.

meet some home lighting mistakes🇧🇷

Rooms call for warm and cozy lighting. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Living room

Many people believe that the room only needs central lighting, without taking into account the importance of secondary lighting in this environment. This is one of the most used environments in the house, and the use of a very strong light, to illuminate the entire environment, can interfere with some tasks, such as when watching TV, while a weaker light may not be effective in other actions. , as in readings.

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White or yellow light?

Many people do not care about the type of light used in their homes, whether it is white or yellow, but the truth is that they are ideal for some specific rooms in the house, each with its pros and cons.

For example, white lights should be used in places that need a lot of lighting, such as a bathroom, kitchen, office, reading room, among others. In other areas, however, which require a more subdued light, such as bedrooms and living rooms, the ideal is to use yellow light, which gives the environment a more intimate and welcoming atmosphere, in addition to enhancing the decoration of the place.

Kitchens, offices and bathrooms need strong lighting. (Photo: Disclosure)

entrance hall

The hall is an area that does not need so much lighting, as it is a very small space and a strong light bulb would spend a lot of energy in a place that is practically useless most of the time. Bright light can also get in the way, especially since this is the first light we see when entering the house.
Warm, yellow light, on the other hand, gives us the feeling of a welcoming environment, and has more of a home and family feel, unlike strong white light.

Children’s rooms need secondary lighting and warm lamps. (Photo: Disclosure)

Lighting in the children’s room

THE lighting in children’s rooms It is very important and must be handled very carefully. The dim light, often colored, makes the environment sweeter and more welcoming, helping the child to feel comfortable with the darker environment, so that the task of putting the children to sleep becomes much easier, even when takes care of babies.

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