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MinTIC presents a manual for the digital transformation of Colombia • ENTER.CO

A manual for the digital transformation of Colombia was presented by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies within the framework of the CIO SUMMIT 2022, which takes place in the city of Cali. This interactive manual will facilitate the implementation of information technology (IT) projects in the public sector of the country.

The ICT Minister, Carmen Ligia Valderrama Rojas, explained that this document brings together in one place all the material required by public, national or territorial entities to implement the Digital Government Policy. It will allow access to the Digital Government Index of Colombia, a measurement method that evaluates the level of implementation of the policy in public entities. The minister revealed that between 2018 and 2021 the progress of the implementation of the Digital Government grew by 8.5 points in national entities and 7.9 in territorial entities. In this way, the deployment of new technologies related to the industrial revolution, knowledge transfer, the evolution of the Internet of things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, as well as Big Data, is facilitated.

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In this same event, which brings together information technology leaders from the departments of Cauca, Chocó, Nariño, Risaralda and Valle del Cauca, the regulatory framework that regulates the implementation of public digital transformation as part of the country project was socialized. The CIO SUMMIT 2022, which will last until July 8, will allow an exchange of experiences on various topics related to the Digital Government Policy. An important point has to do with the discussions of regional technology leaders to learn about updates, advances and recognize the challenges that public entities face in the implementation of ICT projects and in the use of open data. In this meeting, the MinTIC will also recognize the best projects developed by national and territorial entities with the Maximum Speed ​​2022 distinction.

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