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Minimum wage could be highest in history

If the minimum wage for the year 2022 is confirmed in the amount of R$ 1,200, the national minimum wage will reach its historical mark with the highest value in the history of the country. This amount is based on the projection of the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) last year. Currently, the minimum wage is R$1,100.

According to the Constitution, the minimum wage has to change every year, with support from the previous INPC. However, it is important to point out that this year’s national floor has not yet restored the previous year’s inflation. The index used for the calculation was 5.26%, at a time when inflation reached 5.45%.

This fact resulted in a total decline in consumer purchasing power. To be preserved the minimum wage would need to pay R$ 1,101.95 this year.

What this article covers:

The increase in the minimum wage will change the values ​​of some labor and social security benefits. This is the case of unemployment insurance, INSS retirement and salary bonuses.

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In addition, other benefits such as pensions, sick pay, BPC and retirement will also undergo changes in view of the increase in the minimum wage. The explanation for this is due to the fact that each person receives the exact amount of a minimum wage each month. If the next amount is confirmed, it will be R$1,200 for these beneficiaries.

It is important to point out that any increase or decrease in the salary floor, the benefits of the INSS also change when following the same base.

Will unemployment insurance change?

In view of this, we must remember that Unemployment Insurance is based on the national floor. Today, if an employee is fired without just cause, he will pocket the amount of a minimum wage. If accepted, it will have to be in the exact amount of R$1,200.

Every employee, by law, has the benefit of the salary bonus PIS/Pasep corresponding to your months of work over a year. Those who exercised the profession in the meantime are entitled to a minimum wage in full.

Therefore, for those who worked for 12 months, the amount of R$ 1,200 will be credited. For those who worked only 30 days, the amount will respond proportionally to 1/12 per month, next year, R$100.

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