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Minecraft themed birthday decorations

The most creative children who like to give form to their imagination will certainly appreciate the minecraft gameplay🇧🇷 The game is a true mixture of survival and exploration of the scenarios.

Minecraft themed birthday head table. (Photo: Disclosure)

Minecraft is one of the most popular indie games of the present. He is successful among children and young people with the proposal to build a world with digital blocks.

In January 2013, Jens Bergensten, minecraft developerreported on his Twitter that Minecraft reached 20 million units sold.

What this article covers:

THE Minecraft themed party decorations is creative, relaxed and original. Check out some tips for decorating the event below:

• A main table must be covered with a green cloth. If possible, it can be assembled with large blocks to allude to the game.

Digital blocks appear in the decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Minecraft exploits well the elements of natureso the decor can be based on green, brown and black colors.

• It is worth printing a panel on canvas with a typical minecraft drawing, that is, all composed of digital blocks. This material will be used as the background of the main table.

• The outline of the background can be done with balloons, always trying to emphasize the main colors of the party.

• Paper toy arts match the block decor.

Minecraft themed cake. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Card stock in different colors can be used to build a large Steve dollthe main character of the game.

• The cake can be decorated with a checkerboard effect, just like the sweets that will be served.

• Symbols from the game, such as TNT, also contribute with a thematic decoration.

•The plaid print, made up of two colors from the same palette, can be useful for the party’s look.

Sweets decorated and inspired by the theme. (Photo: Disclosure)

about minecraft

Minecraft is a game that lets you explore a world built only with blocks. Development of the game started in 2009 and it was released for the PC platform. In 2012, the game won a version for Xbox 360.

The player creates their own minecraft adventurescombining blocks of earth, stone, iron, wood, gold, sand and many other elements that can be found in nature.

Minecraft has several natural landscapes, but it also has space to stack blocks and create their own constructions. Most of the time the player spends mining and building the blocks.

who experience play Minecraft states that the game alludes to LEGO, a toy composed of building blocks. The player is free to create avatars and buildings for their own world.

When it was created, Minecraft had no purpose, that is, the player could do whatever he wanted. Only with the official launch did the game gain a story and a real enemy to fight.

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