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Millions of users use malicious Google Chrome extensions • ENTER.CO

At least 1,400,000 users have installed and use malicious Google Chrome extensions. This was revealed by a recent study by the security firm McAfee.

The function of these extensions is to redirect users to phishing pages and insert the identification of the affiliates in cookies of e-commerce sites. There are many extensions that do this, but 5 of them have more than 1.4 million active users. It is important that you know that these extensions offer various services to users such as: watch netflix shows togetherwebsite coupons Y drink screenshots of a website.

It is true that these extensions provide these utilities to users, but they also track other types of information. Such as browsing activity. This means that every website you visit is sent to the extension’s servers. This is how they can insert codes on e-commerce sites. With this they modify the cookies on the visited site so that the authors of the extension receive payment from the affiliate for any items purchased.

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So if you are a user or have one of these malicious Google Chrome extensions installed, you should delete it immediately:

  • netflix party
  • Netflix Party 2
  • FlipShope – Price Tracker Extension
  • Full Page Screenshot – Screenshot
  • Auto buy flash sales

Tips when installing extensions

The cybersecurity firm reiterates that each user must be very cautious when installing the extensions, and know that:

  1. There is always a security risk when installing an extension.
  2. The most popular and ‘safe’ extensions could still contain malicious code.
  3. Always check the type of permissions that an extension requests when installing. (Chrome always shows the permissions before installing)
  4. Additional steps must be taken to verify the authenticity of the extension.

You can also consult the Google Chrome support blog where they instruct you to manage the uninstallation of malicious software in your browser. One of the options is to restore the original configuration of Google Chrome in order to avoid the presence of this type of extension.

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